Monday, July 23, 2012

Parent Communication Classroom Forms

By: Heidi Raki

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One of the keys to successful teaching is mastering parent communications. There are many ways to communicate with parents: conferences, emails, phone calls... Teachers often communicate with parents by sending notes home with students. Yet, another option is to use communication classroom forms listed below: 
 1. Daily Classroom Behavior: Whether good or bad,  parents need to know how well their child behaved in class. 

2. Major Incidents: When students have bad days, or if students from other homerooms engaged your student in something serious, this form can be filled out.

3. Thinking About Behavior Sheet: Students fill out this form at the end of the day if they misbehaved. It’s a chance for students to reflect on their behaviors, recognize improper actions, and make plans to change their reactions in the future.

4. Absences: When students are absent, and missed work needs to be completed, download this form.

5. Tardies: If students have numerous tardies, fill out this form and send it home.

6. Missing Assignments: Any missing assignments that you want parents to know about?

7. Missing Supplies: If students are in need of more classroom supplies, fill out the form and send it home with a due date on it.

8. Redo Assignmenta at Home: What if students did poorly on classroom assignments? If assignments need to be redone, download this form that communicates students' performances on in-class works.

9. Redo Assignments in Class: If students redo assignments in class, let parents know their children have been given second chances with this form.

Communication with parents should be effortless and encouraging, so being prepared and having forms copied and on-hand will make communication with parents easier. This, in turn, creates a positive environment for sharing news with parents--whether good or bad.  

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