Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Book Look: The Wide-Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner

The Wide-Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner
Review by: Karla Banks

Recommended for: Kindergarten-2nd 

This is a great book to add to your unit on pond habitats. It is also great for practicing retelling or sequencing. The kids love to retell the story. The main character is a wide-mouthed frog who hops to different animals and asks them what they eat. Each animal is a full page pop out, which the kids absolutely love. The illustrations are amazing with bright colors that really get the kids' attention. The book ends with the wide-mouthed frog hopping up to an alligator and receiving a shock which the kids find quite funny. This is a fun book that your class is sure to enjoy!

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