Saturday, July 14, 2012

Featured Teacher: Marsha McGuire

1.     How long have you been on Teachers Pay Teachers?  What made you decide to be a part of it?
I have only been posting Items since the first of March. I was seeing a differentiated component missing from most of the items I saw and thought I had something to offer in that arena.

2.     When did you know that you wanted to be in education?
This is actually my second career. Before this I was a manager in a Japanese manufacturing company. My college major was in Anthropology and Japan Studies. I always said if my position were ever eliminated I would have next available appointment to speak with a college about getting certified. And then, it did and I was!

3.     How are you currently involved in education?
      I am a kindergarten teacher with my masters in Early Childhood education.

4.     What would be your advice to people who are considering joining Teachers Pay Teachers?
Find your niche without becoming a copycat of someone else. Establish your blog and Facebook followers and your products will sell in time.

5.     What has been a highlight, thus far, about being on Teachers Pay Teachers?
I love getting comments from teachers who have benefited from something I made.

6.     What is something fun about you that other teachers don’t know?
It not necessarily  "fun" but most people don't know that I infuse my son in a chest port a cath three times a week. He has hemophilia and needs medicine to strengthen his clotting factor.

7.     Do you participate in education outside of the classroom?  In what type of role?
I have been a presenter at Central Michigan University's student teacher professional development and have been a mentor teacher for new teachers and have hosted student teachers.

8.     What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
This is the only job I have ever wanted. If I couldn't teach in a classroom I would want to be a teacher consultant.

9.     What profession would you not like to do?
      A police officer

10. Who is your favorite author?  Favorite educational author?  And why?
Maurice Sendak, I have 3 little boys and I just feel like The Wild Things was written about them. He just "gets" them.

Marsha McGuire

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