Monday, July 2, 2012

Computers, and So Much More…

by Heidi Raki

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Often, teachers and administrators see computers as a means for playing games, practicing keyboarding skills and watching movies. However, computers can be so much more! Computers can and should be used by students to create projects and to connect with others. When students use computers to create and connect, they master computer tasks that require higher order thinking skills, such as understanding how and where to save files without overwriting others or how to add multimedia elements like sound and video to presentations, while they are having fun learning.

Teach students to use computers to create original content rather than typing up stories they wrote in advance. Here are some ways students can use computers to create classroom masterpieces:

1.      Create a Power Point or online presentation with software such as to share information about a researched person or event.

2. Create a brochure in Publisher that persuades people to visit a researched location.

3.   Create a word problem then use to put up a wallwisher wall where other students can add problems and answers.

4.  Create an online book using then share it with others in the class for peer-editing.

5.  Create a summary of a book or movie using Windows Movie Maker or online software like

In addition to creating projects, students can use computers to connect with people in places around the world. Here are some ways students can connect with international peers while using computers:

1.       Become E-Pals with students in international schools by using e-mail and Skype. 

2.  Try collaborative data projects: collect data to add to projects or compare and contrast information. 

3.      Participate in a Skype Project, such as World Read Aloud Day.

4.    Go on virtual field trips, such as the Smithsonian Virtual Tour.

5.        Share projects using class blogs.

Here are some TPT technology lessons to help students create projects and connect with others:

Students master skills as they have fun while using classroom computers for so much more...  

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