Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Frenzy

Fall festivities abound, and let Tchr2Tchr help you tackle Fall Frenzy! Sit back and enjoy the change of season with these great Fall Frenzy resources from Tchr2Tchr admins and readers:

Lucky Day!  FREE!
Five Paragraph Theme Outlines  FREE!
Thanksgiving Miniature Chocolate Candy Bar Wrappers $1.49
Monster Attendance File $1.50
Fabulous Fall Activities for Grades Pre-k-4th $2.00

Pumpkin Predictions  $2.00
Eerie Writing Prompts $2.00

Simple Machines Hot Spots for Smartboard $2.00
Folktales: Fairytales, Fables, Tall Tales, Legends & Myths $2.25

Fly Fishing with Grandpa Vocabulary Quiz  $2.25
Owl Moon Writing Workshop Mini Lesson on Sound Images $2.49

Four Season Word Web Writing Lesson  $2.50
Thanksgiving Cornucopia Pairs Fall/Autumn $2.75
Jack-O-Lantern Ordered Pairs Halloween $2.75
The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost Poem of the Week Activities $2.95
Homecoming Activities Packet for Pre-K-6 $3.00
Space Alien Polygons $3.00
Columbus Day Celebration: Writing Activities and Games to Celebrate the Holiday $3.00
Every Holiday and Season BINGO Boards
Weather Tracking in Excel  $4.00
Mad Lib Activities--20 pages of fun  $4.00
Measuring Monsters $4.50
Happy Howl-A-Days! Short Vowel Partner Games $5.00

Poetry Writing Unit (37 pages of activities!)  $6.50
Literature Enrichment Experience: A River Ran Wild $6.95
Fall/Winter Ordered Pairs Halloween/Thanksgiving/ Christmas $8.00

Have a wonderful Fall from Tchr2Tchr

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