Monday, September 3, 2012

It's a No-Labor, Labor Day with Lots of Freebies

In honor of the no-labor holiday, enjoy some Labor Day freebies:

Free Resources:

Sentence Type Centers
Bat Ordered Pairs for Fall/Halloween
Reading Smartmarks
Elementary Lab Science Safety Contract
Character Trait Words
Steps to a Great Paper
Finding Yuri: A True Tale of International Adoption
My Backpack Emergent Reader and Sight Word Set
My Handwriting Book
Domino Number Freebie
Teacher Newsletter Template
Word Wiz Kids Parts of Speech
Organizational Binders and Labels for Elementary 
Math Surveys and Sign In Questions and Graphs 
Cafeteria Expectations Craftivity  
15 Minute Timer  
Class Book "Who Am I?"
You Can Even Read a Cereal Box! - Cereal Box Activities

Happy Labor Day!
From the administrative staff at Tchr2Tchr


  1. Thank you, thank you for these freebies!!! What generous people!


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