Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book Look: Sketching Stories, Stretching Minds

Sketching Stories, Stretching Minds: Responding Visually to Literature by Phyllis Whitin
Review by: Anna Colley
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Recommended for: 3rd Grade and Up

I first ran across this book quite by accident. I was listening to a speaker of some sort and it was on a table of available resources at the back of the room. As I began to flip through it, I was fascinated by what I saw: students making deep connections to literature using symbols and other visual, nonverbal representations. This book will help you implement the sketch-to-stretch strategy in your classroom with many examples, lesson ideas, and tips for assessment. In response, your students will create complex symbolic representations of the literature they are reading and write thoughtful, deep responses that go beyond the bland "I liked it" that we sometimes get. Check out this book if you want to breathe new life into your reading curriculum.

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