Saturday, January 14, 2012

featured teacher: Mrs. Magee

1.   How long have you been on Teachers Pay Teachers?  What made you decide to be a part of it?
I have been selling on TPT since the very end of March 2011. I could tell that it seemed to be growing and it was around that time that I began getting into teacher blogging. So many bloggers talked about TPT or sold their products on there that I decided I would give it a try.

2. When did you know that you wanted to be in education?
I think I always knew. As a child I loved playing school and being the teacher. It helped that I had amazing teachers growing up who inspired and motivated me.  It wasn't until my senior year of high school that I got really serious about it. Except for the brief periods where I wanted to be a meteorologist (specifically a tornado chaser) or a forensic pathologist I always knew I would enjoy being a teacher.

3. How are you currently involved in education?
I currently teach first grade in Kentucky. This is my seventh year in education. I am also our school webmaster and technology chairperson. I am graduating this spring with my Master's degree in Teacher Leadership with an endorsement in Instructional Technology.

4. What would be your advice to people who are considering joining Teachers Pay Teachers?
Go for it! I never DREAMED I would be as successful as I have been. It takes work and commitment to be a big seller. Don't expect killer sales right away. It takes time to build a following. Starting a blog and sharing things for free helps you gain followers. Do not compare yourself to others. Some sellers have been selling on TPT for YEARS. It will take time to become as successful as they are.

5. What has been a highlight, thus far, about being on Teachers Pay Teachers?
Collaborating with others on sales, products, and contests has been a highlight for me. It has helped me build followers and get my name out there more. Receiving positive feedback has just motivated me more to create new products.

6. What is something fun about you that other teachers don’t know?
I LOVE Disney! Disney World, Disney movies, anything Disney! If I wasn't a teacher I would want to pick up and move to Florida and work at Disney World. I love the animated Alice in Wonderland. Once when my parents and sister went to Epcot without me, they met Alice and had her call me on my cell phone to talk to me!

7.  Do you participate in education outside of the classroom?  In what type of role?
At school I am on several committees and serve as school webmaster and Infinite Campus teacher coach. Outside of the classroom I am usually obsessing over school things. I spend a great deal of my time at home planning lessons, creating materials, and researching new teaching strategies to use in my classroom.

8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
I would do any job at Walt Disney World. Seriously. I would sweep the grounds or cook a hamburger or operate Dumbo the Flying Elephant. I was a classified computer lab instructor for two years and wish that was a certified position at the elementary level. I think teaching Art or Library could be a lot of fun.

9.   What profession would you not like to do?
I would not want to work in food (unless it was at Disney World!). I also wouldn't like working on a farm very much.

10. Who is your favorite author?  Favorite educational author?  And why?
I love Mo Willems! His books are so funny and the kids love them. I enjoy so many children's authors as children's literature is my favorite. Professionally I love Debbie Diller and "The Sisters" Gail Boushey and Joan Moser of The Daily 5/CAFE fame.


Ashley Magee, 

 Mrs. Magee's TPT store

Mrs. Magee's Prized Products

I am very proud of my Fabulous Fairy Tales unit. It was my first "big" unit I put on TPT. It is an 87 page unit that provides writing, math, science, and literacy activities for 10 popular fairy tales.

Another recent bestseller has been my Johnny Appleseed/Apples mini-unit. It contains fun activities to use when teaching about apples, a popular elementary theme.

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