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Book Look: The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse

The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse
Newest book by Eric Carle – Author and Illustrator Extraordinaire

Do you remember Eric Carle’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Although it was published in 1969, Mr. Carle’s book fits perfectly with the current topic of kids eating healthy foods. His colorful illustrations enhance the message of eating healthy foods and at the same time tempt readers to run their fingers over the plump green caterpillar with its bright red head. Many of his books have clever tactile techniques that engage young children to poke their little fingers through holes or turn the page to hear a click beetle within the pages of his books. All of Mr. Carle’s books teach children important lessons that include nature, the sounds of animals, manners, letters of the alphabet, numbers, the days of the week and more.

Even with Carle's great success, one would think that new book ideas wouldn’t come easily to him. His latest book, The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse demonstrates just the opposite. The fascinating video below is about The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse, and how children relate to colors. 

Carle’s inspiration was a German expressionist, Franz Marc, who lived a hundred years ago. Carle had been familiar with Marc’s painting of a blue horse for many years. After researching his life, he discovered that Marc had been a soldier in WWI and when he was killed, his sketchbook with the blue horse was by his side. His book is a great tribute to Mr. Marc and his blue horse.

Sit back, relax and watch this delightful author as he demonstrates his collage technique and explains how the world of color opens doors for children.

We all love Dr. Seuss Day, but think about doing an Eric Carle Day with your students. Allow Carle's work to inspire your students as Marc's work inspired his. Display your students’ depictions of Carle’s wonderful illustrations, create an Eric Carle word wall, and have the kids create soft, huggable felt animals stuffed with cotton batting. Write poems, skits and have book talks. 
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