Saturday, January 21, 2012

featured teacher: Mel D

1.   How long have you been on Teachers Pay Teachers?  What made you decide to be a part of it?
I have been on TPT for about 6 months. I started a blog and gave a ton of freebies away, then I discovered TPT. I had several bloggers email me about TPT  suggested I try to sell some products and I was hooked. My husband and I are trying to have a baby; I needed to supplement our income to help out with the expense of all the procedures I have to have. Our insurance does not cover infertility issues unfortunately. Tutoring got cut off at our school and that was my extra cash but now I have this - love it!

2. When did you know that you wanted to be in education?
I guess when I was a little girl and used to make pretend tests to keep myself busy all summer long. I used to be a little bossy and would play school with the neighborhood kids; guess who had to be the teacher all the time?!?

3. How are you currently involved in education?
This is my 8th year teaching. I taught kindergarten for 2 years; this is my 6th year teaching first grade. I keep up to date on educational trends and topics and am constantly furthering my education in every way possible.

4. What would be your advice to people who are considering joining Teachers Pay Teachers?
Teachers Pay Teachers has been a blessing to my husband and I. I have had great success in a short time. It's costly to get graphic licenses but you will quickly make your money back. It's well worth the time and effort to make products that are making an impact throughout the world.

5. What has been a highlight, thus far, about being on Teachers Pay Teachers?
I love all the positive feedback I get. It truly makes my heart melt to think teachers are using my products and it is reaching so many children.

6.  Do you participate in education outside of the classroom?  In what type of role?
I give myself about 30 minutes to clean when I get home. The rest of the evening is spent on educating myself and sharing my knowledge through blogging, with colleagues, and then applying my new knowledge when I teach my students.

7. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
I would like to teach future teachers.

8.   What profession would you not like to do?
I was in nursing school before I was an educator and I couldn't imagine doing that.

9.                 Who is your favorite author?  Favorite educational author?  And why?

Dr. Seuss is my all time favorite children's book author. My favorite educational authors are "The Sister" who wrote Daily 5; Cafe. Daily 5 has been a huge success in my classroom; its my student's favorite part of the day.


Mel's Prized Products

This is a Word Work activity used during Daily 5. I created cards to be used with any Candy Land board. I followed the first grade curriculum and am making a different game to be used during Word Work weekly.

Candy Land Sight Words

The next link is to a Daily 5 rotation chart that I use in my class.


  1. Love Mel!! She is awesome and her creations are great for first graders!!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Muenster, Indiana! Cool! (I went to BSU)

    I'm following your blog now. Love Seuss too.


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