Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Book Look: A Guide for Day-to-Day Teaching in a High Expectations Classroom

A Guide for Day-to-Day Teaching in a High Expectations Classroom by Michele Luck
Review by: Rosshalde Pak
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Michele Luck’s book, A Lesson Plan for Teachers, New or Old (Experienced, that is!):
A Guide for Day-to-Day Teaching in a High Expectations Classroom, is a different take on the standard ‘Ways to Get Started in a Classroom.’  You know the books, the ones that we all were told about in the beginning of our graduate programs and then again when we started teaching in our first classroom.  One of the biggest differences is that Ms. Luck has only been teaching for eight years, so many of the “time-tested” theories are still new to her.  This book would be good for older teachers, rather than newer ones – as it would not only be a fun trot down memory lane, but also a fresh view on some of their standard practices. There are also lots of details and examples provided, so those readers that like lots of detail will enjoy the read.

This book may not be suited for those teachers who don’t enjoy anecdotal stories.  One perfect example is the very detailed organization section of the book.  Ms. Luck goes into great detail to explain why being organized is key; and at the same time provides stories and examples of how this can be done.  For those individuals who are more ‘cut to the chase’, these tips and tools might be harder to get through.

Overall, I think that all teaching books have a certain niche of teachers that really need that book.  This book’s niche could very well be for the educator who needs to reminisce while learning some special skills.

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