Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Round Up #13

We are back after a small break. As always, lots of great resources, all on sale for just three days. So take a peek!

Literature Response Activity Cards for Any Book grades 3-8
These 45 Literature activity cards can be used with any book and are great for independent reading. They can also be used in addition to comprehension questions and other classroom work. Use at with literature groups, at centers or stations, as homework, or extra credit.
Rachel Lynette

The Great Poetry Race Fluency Kit grades 1-5
The Great Poetry Race is a fun way for students to practice their fluency by reading poems to adults and collecting their signatures.This kit contains resources and materials to help you set set up The Great Poetry Race in your classroom and help motivate your students to become successful and more fluent readers.
Mrs. Magee

Value Pack Let's Make Words - Word Family Literacy Station Activities grades K-2
Working with word families is an effective way to get kids reading and help them learn to decode longer words. This book can be used in a variety of ways, to make learning to read a hands-on experience. This book is packed with 150 different word families to get your students well on their way to becoming awesome readers!
Hilary Lewis

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), RNA, Protein Synthesis Homework Set of 4 grades 7-10
This product contains 4 different homework assignments that you can use as you are teaching a unit on DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis. I have divided the information into the following four assignments: Homework #1: DNA – The Basics Homework #2: DNA Replication Homework #3: RNA and Transcription Homework #4: Translation – Protein Synthesis.
Science Stuff

Punctuation and Capitalization Baseball PowerPoint Game grades 6-9
The questions in this PowerPoint game are designed to mimic the way punctuation and capitalization are sometimes questioned on state mandated tests using a multiple choice format.  Students are asked to select the needed change for the underlined section or to determine if the selection is correct as it is. The addition of an electronic tic-tac-toe option adds the skill of logic into this game as well.
Vintage Teacher

Checklist for Parent/Teacher Conferences Based on Characteristics, NOT Grades All grades
This original download contains nine, brief, succinct checklists which are written as a guide so that during conferences you, the teacher, have specific items to talk about besides grades. They are:  1) Study Skills and Organization, 2) Response to Assignments, 3) In Class Discussion, 4) Class Attitude, 5) Reaction to Setbacks, 6) Accountability, 7) Written Work, 8) Inquiry Skills, and 9) Evidence of Intellectual Ability.

Persuasive Paragraph Writing - organizers, templates and ideas! grades 6-10
An easy to use set of templates and organizers to help students write a persuasive paragraph or essay.  Includes worksheets with a given topic and duplicates of the same worksheets without a topic, so you could create your own.  One of my best sellers!
Addie Williams

Sunny Weather Literacy Center Activities grades K-3
This 94 page packet of literacy center activities includes 10 ready-to-print centers that are easy to use and reinforce literacy skills for students in kindergarten through grade 3. It includes activities and a game that focus on rhyming words, syllables, long and short vowel sounds, nouns, verbs, adjectives, contractions, writing sentences, matching synonyms, making words, practicing sight words, and digraphs. Included is an answer key and recording sheets.
Mark Lyons

Factor Quadratics PowerPoint grades 8-11
Ocean-themed PowerPoint presentation where students learn to solve quadratic equations using 4 different methods; Factoring the GCF, Factoring into two binomials, Square root method and the Quadratic Formula! This presentation has 50 slides which guide students through the process of solving quadratic equations using each of the different methods.  Also includes tons of examples and whiteboard practice!
The Enlightened Elephant

Big Chickens Fly the Coop Shared Reading Plans grades K-2
Shared reading plans for the children's book ""Big Chickens Fly the Coop"" by Leslie Helakoski. Includes plans for 5 days of activities including characters, setting, beginning, middle and end, squencing and interactive pieces for acting out the story. Completely accessible of children with disabilities.
Amanda Myers

Earth Day Activities grades 3-6
Your students will have fun as they discuss ways to protect the environment, recycle and reuse. 
Worksheets include: My design of Jane Yolen’s “I am the Earth” poem that has a frame where students paste their pictures, fill in the vowels of the poem, two Earth Day posters that I designed and can be hung in the classroom (8 1/2 inches by 11 inches), finding little words, designing Earth Day posters, Earth Day haiku, April categories, ABC order, scrambled words and more. Answers are included as well as many suggestions of how to use the activities. Worksheets are provided in color and black and white.
Ruth S.

Spanish Food Oral Partner Speaking Listening Activity Comida grades 7-12
Use a real life situation that students could find themselves in in the future where they must follow someone's directions in Spanish. Have the students work in pairs where they must listen to the partner give them directions on where to place food pictures. You can certainly edit the sentences to use specific vocabulary, verbs, and grammar structures you are currently studying in your food unit.

Nonstandard Measurement Smartboard Lesson grades 1-3
This 11-slide Smartboard lesson will help your students distinguish nonstandard units from standard units and how they are useful. There is also a fun group activity at the end.

Test Taking Tips and Strategies grades 7-12
This powerpoint is designed to share tips and strategies for taking standardized tests.  Included are tips for Reducing Test Anxiety, Strategies for Difficult Questions, and Guessing Strategies.  I also sell a Companion Jeopardy Game as a fun review.  Because this PPT is text-heavy, I often copy a class set of handouts (2/page) to allow students to take notes more easily.
Melissa Soeltz

Number of the Day: developing number sense grades 2-4
Number of the Day activities for 50 different numbers between 10 and 600! Number tasks include: solving and writing equations, problem-solving, representing numbers, number lines, skip-counting, expanded notation and much more!
Shelley Gray

Charlotte's Web  Literacy Bundle grades 1-4
This literacy unit is aligned with the new Common Core standards!  It was adapted from a kid-tested unit that has been utilized in my classroom for the past five years!  It's always a hit with my students, and I hope your students enjoy it too! :)
One Extra Degree

2D Basic Geometric Shape / Shapes Teaching Pack grades K-2
This MEGA FILE packet will help you introduce and teach some basic 2D shapes in your clssroom. It is 108 pages and packed full of quality graphics and motivating resources.
From the Pond

My Teacher's Report Card: End of the Year Activity! all grades
Looking for some fun and engaging end of the year activities?? This ""Teacher Report Card"" Activity is really neat and it will give you some feedback on your classes this year in a fun, constructive way!
It comes with 7 printables that help the students organize their thoughts and help them determine how they should ""grade"" the teacher..then, they complete a Teacher Report Card template and comments page..too cool for school! I enjoy reading them soooo much and it really is interesting to hear the student's perspective on things ;))
Tech Girl

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