Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Round Up #12

Welcome to another Round Up where everything is on sale till Sunday! A special welcome back to Wise Guys - we've missed you!

Earth Day is coming soon and you will find some terrific resources to help your students learn how they can help the planet.

Sellers, remember to get your submission in for next week's Round Up.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: a mini-unit grades 2-4
Teach your students the value of reducing, reusing and recycling with this fun mini-unit. Students will be engaged in a variety of activities integrating math, language arts, science and art. Perfect for the weeks surrounding Earth Day!
Shelley Gray

Grammar Dots  grades  4-10
Are you tired of correcting the same errors in your students' work? Post these colorful grammar dots in your classroom and watch the errors disappear. 24 common grammar errors are included, covering homophones, contractions, possessive forms, and more. 
Liven up your journal writing program with these 252 journal prompts. The prompts are presented in a fun Tic-Tac-Toe format that allows students to choose the prompts they want to use (as long as they are in a row!). Engaging prompts that will produce interesting and well-thought-out entries. 
This K-3, 52 page thematic penguin unit is packed with cross-curricular activities in reading, writing, poetry, science, math, art, and drama. 
Students will learn about the Earth's natural resources and about the art of Andy Goldsworthy in this arts integrated lesson. The lesson concludes with the students going on a nature walk around the school to collect materials to create their very own Earth art. This is a great lesson for Earth Day. 
This is an 11 page document that includes: unit lesson plans on how to write a persuasive letter, a pre-writing worksheet, steps to develop persuasive writing, student examples of brainstorm ideas, planning their persuasive writing worksheet, editing checklists, teacher examples of pre-writing, leads, arguments, and final letter, and a final template for the students to follow.
A Great activity to do to help celebrate Earth Day with your students! It keeps the students engaged as they complete the sentences about Earth Day and Draw and Color a picture on EACH page! Put the pages together to create an adorable Earth Day Booklet to have as their own..too cute! 

Differentiated Instruction Lesson Pack grades K-12
This lesson plan pack of three different lesson planning templates helps you to set up differentiated lessons in a breeze! Easy formats allow for differentiating content, product, or process for a flawless lesson that delivers curriculum to students' with ease every time! Also includes 2 FREE Bonus files! 

Geometry Review: 8 Math Centers grades 6-8
Whether it's time to review, or to begin Geometry for the year, this package of 8 Math Centers offers your students hands-on opportunities to expand their knowledge. In these centers, students draw designs, measure circular objects, use tangram blocks, draw and measure angles etc. This package hits many outcomes in geometry including circumference/area of circles, area of triangles, classifying triangles, area of parallelograms, drawing/measuring/classifying angles, drawing parallel, perpendicular and intersecting lines, bisecting angles and lines etc., (includes solutions and examples of work).
Krystal Mills  

Pirates! A Sight Word Game grades PreK-1
Your students will love this adorable game and YOU will love the extra reading practice they'll get! It comes with a game board, directions, and 2 sets of sight word cards. Blank cards are also included for both sets so you can add your own words!
Teacher Tam

Middle Ages Project Package - 5 Fun Projects grades 4-10
A fun and creative way to study the Middle Ages - students work through 5 different projects to demonstrate their learning.  All templates, worksheets and rubrics included!
It's baseball season!! This ready-to-use 20 page packet is perfect for baseball fans in grades 4-6.  It includes a 17 page student booklet along with an answer key. The booklet divides the text, Babe and Me, into six reading assignments with questions and tasks to reinforce essential reading and writing skills.
Jean Martin

Measurement Bingo:  Reading a Ruler in Inches grades 4-9
While playing this bingo game, students get to read a ruler to determine the location of the arrow.  This file has a class set of 26 individual bingo boards and the necessary calling cards.  Measurements include whole inches, halves, fourths, eighths, and sixteenths. Bingo boards are also wonderful practice for math centers, seat work, or homework.
Vintage Teacher

Thematic Paper for Journal and Creative Writing grades K-5
Add a spark to journal writing and creative writing projects with this colorful thematic paper!  Included are seventeen different designs including patriotic, Easter, spring, summer picnic, autumn, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, school bus, and several others. Each design comes in two versions--one with writing lines for K-2 students, and one with theme-paper type lines.
Jan Lindley

Angles, Triangles and Polygons PowerPoint grades 6-9
Angles, Triangles and Polygons is a power point program of 25 slides used to test and reinforce your students' understanding of geometry. Basic facts such as right angles, measurement, estimating angles, degrees of angles, polygons as well as visual geometric images challenge your students as they answer specific questions. This power point program is designed to be used as a whole classroom lesson requiring students to write their answers on paper.
David Filipek

Classification (Taxonomy) of Living Organisms Powerpoint and Notes grades 7-9
This powerpoint is on “The Classification Systems of Living Organisms”. It consists of 49 slides that are colorful, informative and visually stimulating. Pictures and diagrams are included that will greatly enhance your instruction to your students. This product also includes a set of notes for the teacher (9 pages) and a set of notes for the student (10 pages).
Science Stuff

Bunny Glyph for Spring or Easter grades 2-5
This is an excellent activity for spring or Easter that requires following directions. Students are to finish the bunny glyph using eight categories. So that each student has the same bunny to begin with, a printable outline is provided on page four of this six page activity. This handout also contains a page where the students are asked to identify the characteristics of someone who did their own bunny glyph. An answer key is included.

Mother's Day Coupons - 3 Versions grades Pre-K - 5
36 Mother’s Day Coupons in 3 different sets:  Version #1-the student traces over the dotted letters.  Version #2-the student draws a picture.  Version #3-the student does not have to write on the actual coupon.
Victoria Leon

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