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Thursday Round Up #11

Okay everyone, this Thursday Round Up Rocks for a few reasons. First, In addition to the great sales you will find here, you can get an additional 10% off because Paul has put the whole catalog on sale. Just use  promo code "A3F9D" when you check out (thanks for the reminder, Amy). Second, we have some new folks on the Round Up today, welcome! Third, there are some very cool products! Two Jeopardy games for different topics and ages, one product for little ones with really stunning original artwork, and some Easter/Spring time activities, just to name a few. This first one looks pretty amazing as well, so make sure to take a peek.

Inference Activities and Games: Learning the Fun and Easy Way grades 2-12
This product took over a year to create.  This 60 page downloadable workbook teaches implied means through the evaluation of socially conscious advertisements, product names, metaphors, slogans and sentences.  It even has a fabulous inference game.
Erica Warren

April Word Fractions grades 4-8
This six page handout targets identifying fractional parts in lowest terms. In each message set, specific words are given. The students are instructed to figure out the correct fractional part of each particular word. (Example: The first ½ of WEST would be WE. Notice that WE is also 2/4 of WEST.)  If each fractional part is correctly identified a new word is created. Each set of new words becomes a message about the month of April. In the original handout, there are seven sets of April messages followed by a question to answer or a riddle to solve. Answers are included at the end of the handout.

I Have, Who Has? Fact and Opinion Game grades 2-5
‘I Have, Who Has’ is a fun, fast paced group activity in which students must listen carefully to their classmates in order to participate. In this version, students from third through sixth grade will use their knowledge of pop culture to practice determining fact from opinion. Keep students engaged with topics relevant to them including: Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, Taylor Swift, Facebook, current movies and more!

I didn't like the Easter clip art out there so I drew my own!  This is a sight word game for K-1.  Students read sight words to win cards and count them up at the end.

 CAjustSE you need a break from all that standardized testing, these ten pages of Frame Games will get your kids thinking in a different way! Kids (and adults) love these. Answer keys included.

Earth Day!  El Dia de La Tierra Activities! grades 3-12
April 22nd is Earth Day!  Celebrate this holiday with your Spanish class students with these printable worksheets, handouts, vocabulary activities and grammar explanations.  At less than 50 cents a page, it's a bargain!

Oviparous Animal Math and Literacy Centers grades 1-3
This resource contains 10 laminate-and-cut activities that center around the theme of oviparous animals. Each center comes with large, colorful pieces that can be used year after year and student recording sheets. Skills include addition, expanded notation, synonyms, antonyms and much more!
Shelley Gray

Bacteria PowerPoint Jeopardy Review Game grades 6-10
This is a Jeopardy Review Game on Bacteria.  There are 6 categories with 5 questions in each category.  The questions cover all the basics about bacteria.  Students love to review in this way!  Use promo code "A3F9D" at check out for 10% off!
Science Stuff

Drawing Conclusions Jeopardy K-2
Play a Jeopardy style game with your students to practice and reinforce drawing conclusions. Each clue card provides three clues about the topic and students will draw a conclusion after listening to each clue. Also included is a student recording sheet so students can write their conclusions and keep up with their own score.
Melissa McMurray

Main Idea Power Point grades 1-3
This interactive power point highlights for your students how to pick out the main idea and supporting details. Includes a link to an online game at the end.

National Park Interdiscliplinary Study grades 3-5
This product is an excellent end of the year project that allows students to learn about our country's National Parks through a multitude of reading, writing, and technology activities. The product is aligned to the Common Core Standards in reading, math, and writing for 3rd-5th grades

This is a short unit using cute summer graphics. Included is a simple story, the story with sight words missing for students to cut and paste, word building "at" and "un", a sentence sort (declarative/interrogative), adding correct punctuation to end of sentence, a graphing activity, a nonstandard measurement activity, and counting by 2's. Several student response pages are included.

Comparing and Ordering Decimals Smartboard lesson with worksheet grades 4-6
Here is a 17-page lesson for the SMART board on comparing and ordering decimals, along with an accompanying worksheet with the same 17 problems to help students follow along and stay focused on the lesson. Includes 13 comparing problems and 4 ordering problems with tenths and hundredths, and includes decimal square pictures to help kids "see" why one is more than the other. It also has a title page, a "directions for teachers" page and 6 linked pages (25 pages total).
Patrick Shaffer

Practice with Fractions 10 Pages grades 5-8
10 pages of practicing with fractions. Most worksheets are on reducing fractions and equivalent fractions with various other practice as well. Most of the worksheets are on the difficult side and have been used by my middle school students.
David Filipek

Easter Bunny Interactive Easy Reader Books grades PreK-1
A set of three easy readers for Easter with the first one being a regular book with easy repetitive text.  The second one is designed with fill in the blank sentences.  The third book has interactive pieces in the basket on the last page.
Amanda Myers

Spanish Body Listening Activity grades  grades 7-12
4 Monster “Bodies” made out of various vocabulary words used as the body part.
Teacher or classmates describe the drawing to students, who draw what they hear. If you have individual whiteboards, you can have the students draw on those, or just use scratch paper.

#1-4 Magic Tree House Novel Studies grades 2-4
4 great Magic Tree House novel studies in one package! Each unit can be used as a whole class novel study or as part of guided reading groups. Included are chapter questions with an answer key, and extra bonus activities. The novels included are Dinosaurs Before Dark, The Knight At Dawn, Mummies in the Morning, and Pirates Past Noon

Pet Vet Shopping Spree Fun! grades K-3
Let's Go Shopping!!! An adorable cut & paste math activity whee the students create a booklet about what they've bought while at the Pet Vet. Too Cute!
Tech Girl

NC 5th Grade Science Coach Study Guide grade 5
This is a very specific study guide written to correlate with the 5th grade NC Science Coach Book for EOG test prep.  It includes a CLOZE activity that teaches students how to read and take notes for all 27 lessons in the book, as well as an answer key.  A must have for anyone using this book for 5th grade science in NC.

Figurative Language PowerPoint Activity for Spring or Easter grades 5-9
Students will choose between metaphors, similes, onomatopoeia, personification, hyperboles and idioms while playing this game. A great activity for the whole class or for a pair on an individual computer. A fun way to review for mandated testing.
Vintage Teacher

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