Saturday, June 9, 2012

Featured Teacher: Cecelia Margo

1.     How long have you been on Teachers Pay Teachers?  What made you decide to be a part of it?
I've been selling for 14 months.  I decided to sell on TPT due to overwhelming medical bills from my daughter's hospital stay. Our 13 year old daughter, while visiting my parents in NY, was helping them out by mowing their lawn and fell off the lawnmower amputating her toe.  If it weren't for my TPT checks, we would be in dire danger of losing our home.  It helps us break even every month and for that I am so grateful. 

2.     When did you know that you wanted to be in education?
Before I even started  going to school.

3.     How are you currently involved in education?
I have been teaching in the public schools since 1994.

4.     What would be your advice to people who are considering joining Teachers Pay Teachers?
Dive in and do it!  It is a lot of work but so worth it!  We know how to teach our students better than the major companies who create our curriculum.

5.     What has been a highlight, thus far, about being on Teachers Pay Teachers?
The community of teachers who I've "met" and their support.  And I like knowing that I am touching the lives of children I haven't even met.

6.     What is something fun about you that other teachers don’t know?
I was a cheerleader way back when just like my daughter.  I use to be a flyer and would do "trust falls" into other's arms. 

7.     Do you participate in education outside of the classroom?  In what type of role?
Not presently. 

8.     What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
I would love to be a travel journalist and visit places and write about it...or a marine biologist and work with people with special needs and sea life...or an advocate for people with special needs.

9.     What profession would you not like to do?
The President.

10. Who is your favorite author?  Favorite educational author?  And why?
My favorite book is The Bible, which has lots different authors.

My favorite educational authors are Lucy Caulkins, Katie Wood Ray, Debbie Miller...I love to teach literacy.

By Cecelia Margo

Cecelia's Prized Products

This 86 page unit has six different leveled printable guided reading books which are leveled according to DRA2. Each book includes lesson plans and scrambled sentence strips. I've also attached a cut up sentence book and Guided Reading Journal for you to use.  I worked so hard on these and it is so much more economical than purchasing from publishers.

I am so proud of this incredible 84 page unit.  I was never really interested in space until my son was.  Now I am fascinated with space and so will your boys and girls.  I wrote original nonfiction articles on each planet, the sun, the Space Shuttle and astronauts for this unit for not only informational learning but practicing comprehension strategies.  It is really difficult to find articles that have the readability for my kiddos but after using these for several years with my students - I have done it!

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