Monday, September 12, 2011

For Teacher Authors: "To Blog or Not to Blog?" That is the Question!

Four months ago, I didn’t know a blog from a Sqworl, and now I have both! Consequently, my Teachers Pay Teachers sales have gone up 238% compared to last summer! Unconvinced? Look at these numbers! Pam’s Vintage Teacher blog had 2,100 page views in 5 hours when she posted her popular feature, Five Friday Freebies.

My blog, The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers, showcases free products from TpT sellers who have posted their products in the Sellers' Forum thread I originated, “Freebie Promotion = FREE ADVERTISING!” Rather than have one seller give permission to another seller to promote a particular free product, this thread allows sellers to give permission to all present AND future sellers to use their free products in just cannot sell the items for profit. If you want to suddenly increase the number of page views on your blog by giving away free products, go to the Blog Archive on the right hand column of “The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers” and click on a free product that looks interesting. You will see the full product description of the product and you can easily decide if it would be a good choice to entice potential buyers to your blog. You can then cut and paste the title, seller’s name, and link to the product. At the bottom of each post, I cite the thread in the Seller’s Forum and the date when the seller-author gave permission for all teacher-authors on the Seller’s Forum to use their free product. I also have an index of the free products listed by subject. Thus, if you use “The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers” as a resource of free products, you can quickly and easily increase the number of page views for your blog.

If you would like your free product or all of your free products in your TpT store to be seen by thousands of potential buyers, post your links in “Freebie Promotion = FREE ADVERTISING!” Be sure to give permission to all sellers on the Sellers' Forum that they can use your free product or all of the free products in your TpT store in their freebie promotion.

Denise Boehm has tripled her TpT earnings since creating her blog, Sunny Days in Second Grade. She credits Charity Preston’s TpT product, “Teaching Blog Traffic School” for helping her blog followers grow from 200 followers to 750 followers in two months. Denise is now averaging 2,500 page views per day. Charity’s “Teaching Blog Traffic School” is like a gold mine of ideas. Her 30 videos teach you what to do and, more importantly, what not to do when creating a blog: how to earn extra money, in addition to your TpT products; how to save time, so that you can actually have time to be with your family and friends; and etiquette, so that you won’t lose followers. In short, it is “required reading” for anyone who is serious about creating and/or managing a blog. An added bonus of purchasing “Teaching Blog Traffic School” is that you will be able to join a special TBTS group on Facebook. This cohesive group of sellers work together to show the true power of cross promotion. Charity Preston is offering 10% off “The Teaching Blog Traffic School” from 9/12/11 - 9/15/11.

If you are still undecided “to blog or not to blog,” you may want to download my TpT free product, “How to Increase Your TeachersPayTeachers Ratings, Page Views, and $$!” Track the number of followers and page views you have on your blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts using my Excel or iWork spreadsheets. Compare the data with your daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly TpT earnings. You will have statistical evidence to conclude if all the time you have spent working on your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter has actually paid off in an increase in TpT earnings. This free product also explains how I received 17 TpT ratings and comments in 6 days. It includes a systematic marketing plan which you can use to increase your TpT earnings.

There are only so many hours in a day. Is it worth the time to create a blog and then manage it after a long day at school? You can probably answer that question if you can reflect on why you spend so much time creating products for Teachers Pay Teachers. For me, I just wanted to give my two children supplemental income which they can draw on for the rest of their lives. While at the same time, I really do believe that TpT teacher-authors can become millionaires. TpT has enabled teachers throughout the world to use my lessons. Moreover, the free products I post on The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers blog are used in France, Canada, Australia, and Russia. Teachers Pay Teachers has made a difference in many teachers’ lives, but it has also had an amazing impact on our students’ lives as well. The time we spend on cross-promotion is a win-win situation for all. Teacher-authors will be able to promote their products, new and veteran teachers will have access to inexpensive classroom-tested lessons, and our students will learn concepts in new and exciting ways. I hope this article helps you to decide whether “to blog or not to blog...”

Wishing you the best in the new school year,

Vicky Leon
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