Saturday, February 16, 2013

Featured Teacher: Mrs. T

         1. What is your most memorable field trip experience?
My most memorable was when I was teaching 4th grade and the docents at the museums didn't give me a teacher packet because they thought I was one of the students! Grr!

         2. What is something you have learned from your time on Teachers Pay Teachers?
I have learned how to do a lot of graphic design on the computer. I have learned Inkscape and Gimp. I have learned how much the sellers on TpT really care about their customers and products. I never imagined how much satisfaction I would get from selling a product!

         3. What book inspired you as a student?
When I was in college, I took a Children's Literature class. My professor had the most amazing insights into picture books that I had never thought of before. The one that really stood out for me was Where the Wild Things Are. She told us how the illustrations take up more of the page as Max goes more into his dream. I wanted to be able to share my love of reading with my students. I

         4. What is something you would like to see in the future, for education?
I wanted to see teachers valued by society. I want us to be respected as having knowledge about children and their learning. I want to see teachers making policy decisions, not bureaucrats.

         5. What is something fun about you that teachers don't know about you?
I love to cook and make a mess in my kitchen! I enjoy finding new recipes and trying them out on my poor husband!

         6. What is an achievement, in education or otherwise, that you have accomplished?
I think getting my master's in education was a big accomplishment! I also have felt greatly accomplished by my work on TpT!

         7. What was your first 'Free' item that you posted up on Teachers Pay Teachers?  What made you choose that?
I posted my bucket filling forms as my first free item, and it is still free! I thought it would encourage bucket filling which I think is a great tool for building self esteem and positive behavior in the classroom.

         8. What was your first 'Paid' item that you posted up on Teachers Pay Teachers? What made you choose that?        
My first paid item was a Common Core test I created for my grade level that included all the Common Core standards that my students should have learned in 2nd grade. I wanted to see what they missed since we were implementing Common Core for the first time this year. I chose this item because I worked really hard on it and I thought others might want it too!

         9.  Your favorite teaching quote is...   
Teaching is a work of heart! This quote was on my fridge growing up because my mom is a teacher.

       10. What is your 'Go To' time filler?          
Zap! Students stand in a circle. We count by a certain number pattern, say 2's forward. Then I chose a Zap number, like 6. So they would count 2,4, Zap, 8, 10 etc. If they aren't pay attention or say the Zap number they have to sit down. My students love it!                                                                


Mrs. T

Addition Practice with Singapore Methods up to the Thousands Place
Subtraction to the Hundreds Place with Singapore Methods
Bucket filling Classroom Activity Packet


  1. Love the idea of zap! I cannot wait to try it out :) Thanks for sharing.

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  2. Your answers are too cute! I definitely agree with #4! Wouldn't it be great if teachers were valued in society?! Fingers crossed! :)

    I'm your newest follower!


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