Saturday, February 9, 2013

Featured Teacher: Britnee

         1. What is your most memorable field trip experience?
My most memorable field trip was my first ever field trip. We went to the zoo. There were (what seemed like) 900 million kids there as soon as we walked in and I was an absolute nervous wreck the entire time! I was so glad to be back at the school, safe and sound with all my kiddos with me. Whew!

         2. What is something you have learned from your time on Teachers Pay Teachers?
Teachers Pay Teachers has taught me the value of being creative and allowing my students opportunities for engaging and meaningful lessons.

         3. What book inspired you as a student?
I just loved A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. That book kind of rocked my world. I remember spending hours imagining Meg and her three strange friends. I was completely eaten up with the idea of tessellating. I could go on and on. That book kept me up at night.

         4. What is something you would like to see in the future, for education?
I would love to see more of a focus on student-led instruction. I believe in allowing students to make their own discoveries and manipulate content to make it fit each of them and their individual needs. As a teacher, I feel my job is not to "teach" but to "guide" students to teaching themselves and their classmates. I would love to see a shift in that direction. Also, smaller class sizes ;)

         5. What is something fun about you that teachers don't know about you?
I really love playing pranks on people. My parents always told me I was "ornery" and I suppose that ornery streak has carried through to my adult years. Even my poor students have been subjected to my pranks. I have plastic wrapped doorways, placed whoopie cushions in many a chair, and even purchased "fake vomit." Suffice it to say that April Fool's Day is a much-anticipated day in my classroom and my home :)

         6. What is an achievement, in education or otherwise, that you have accomplished?
In 2009, I became the first person on my father's side of our family tree ever to graduate from college. I was very honored to hold that title.
I received an educational award this year as well when I was nominated by a former student's parent and selected for a local radio station's Teacher of the Week feature. I was surprised in my classroom by a radio dj and was live on air as the nomination letter and prizes were read to me. I was so touched I was in tears. Unfortunately, I sounded like a total dork on the radio! But, what can you do? :)

         7. What was your first 'Free' item that you posted up on Teachers Pay Teachers?  What made you choose that?
I posted a Geometry Terms quiz as my free item. I chose the quiz because I found that while I was able to find many vocabulary quizes and lessons for reading, it was difficult to locate any vocabulary lessons for math. I had designed the quiz for my own class and many of my colleagues had asked to use it as well. I found that it was a popular resource and I was glad to share it with others on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.

         8. What was your first 'Paid' item that you posted up on Teachers Pay Teachers? What made you choose that?        
The first paid item I posted was a Garbage Inferencing activity. I chose it because it is one of my most absolute favorite things that we do all year long in my classroom and I was excited to share it with others. In the activity, students rummage through pre-made "garbage bags" that their teachers "took from her new neighbors trash can." Students then use the items in the trash bag to make inferences about what my new neighbors might be like. They love it! At the end of the year, many of them still reference that lesson as one of their very favorites.

         9.  Your favorite teaching quote is...   
"Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him." - Maya Angelou

       10. What is your 'Go To' time filler?          
When we need to fill time, we do quick "book commercials." Students know that their commercials have to be short and sweet - just like a real commercial. They stand up in front of the room and advertise the book they are reading. Other students write the title down in their reading journals so they can go check it out at the library if they think it sounds like a good read. It is so much fun! Students are usually chomping at the bit to share their books with each other and it really amps up their attitude toward reading in general.                                                                


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