Saturday, February 23, 2013

Featured Teacher: Brooke Beverly Conway

         1. What is your most memorable field trip experience?
We went on a field trip to Old Sturbridge Village (a living museum that represents the colonial times).  The staff were cooking a chicken over the fire getting ready to eat their meal.  One of my students tugged on my shirt, and said with all seriousness, "I know this is colonial times.  But, they have shops for all sorts of things like the cooper shop or the blacksmith shop.  Why didn't they have a grocery shop too?  Buying the little [rotissierie] chicken at Price Chopper would have been an instant meal.  Just ask my mom."

         2. What is something you have learned from your time on Teachers Pay Teachers?
What I have learned on TpT is to listen and take in the advice of seasoned sellers.  The collaborative group of educators are always so willing to share their advice and feedback.  It is important to be patient, not compare yourself to others, and do the best you can do for your classroom and your TpT store. 

         3. What book inspired you as a student?
I really loved the Babysitter's Club, and specifically the title "The Truth About Stacey."  I have Type 1 diabetes, and I was able to connect to Stacey.  I think that is why throughout high school, I was a babysitter for several families in town, always worked at summer camp in college, and then became a teacher to work with kids.

         4. What is something you would like to see in the future, for education?
I would love for all schools to have smartboards, laptops, iPads, student response systems, e-readers, etc.  I know school districts are moving in this direction, and it would be fabulous if there was professional development for families, teachers and students to evolve with the technology.

         5. What is something fun about you that teachers don't know about you?
I also work as a trivia host!  I love the randomness of questions, the challenge of coming up with a perfect song that links to a question, and how excited people are when they win!

         6. What is an achievement, in education or otherwise, that you have accomplished?
I am proud that I have had numerous teaching ideas published in the Mailbox Magazine and The Education Center resources.

         7. What was your first 'Free' item that you posted up on Teachers Pay Teachers?  What made you choose that?
I posted a French Fry Book Project.  I picked this product because it was a twist on a book project that I had not seen before.

         8. What was your first 'Paid' item that you posted up on Teachers Pay Teachers? What made you choose that?        
I honestly don't remember!

         9.  Your favorite teaching quote is...   
“I'm more interested in arousing enthusiasm in kids than in teaching the facts. The facts may change, but that enthusiasm for exploring the world will remain with them the rest of their lives.”
― Seymour Simon
I, of course, feel that having students learn the standards is essential.  However, I also feel inspiring students to love to learn is one of the most important jobs I have as a teacher.

       10. What is your 'Go To' time filler?          
 The Go To time filler that I depend on is a powerpoint math fact Around the World game.  My kiddos always could use extra practice with their math fact fluency, so if I have a few extra minutes, I will pull up an addition, subtraction or multiplication powerpoint.                                                               

Brooke Beverly Conway

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