Monday, January 28, 2013

The Mysterious Donor

"Will You Be My Valentine?" Look around your many of your students need a special holiday acknowledgement?

Think back to your elementary or secondary school days when you anticipated getting chocolates in a heart-shaped box or a vase of red roses on that special holiday. Valentine's Day is supposed to be fun-filled, yet there are students who wait anxiously for invitations to dances or parties only to be disappointed. Holidays can cause anxieties and stress for some students. 
How can teachers help students on Valentine's Day? Become the mysterious Valentine's Day donor! It's an easy task, especially if you teach lower elementary students. Purchase special cards or treats then slip them into students' bags or desks. No need to fill out the "From" section since that is part of the mystery. 

As students get older and wiser, teachers must become craftier at hiding thier identities. Many junior high and high schools partner with local florists for special deals and deliveries. Contact the florist and explain your holiday project: "Hi, I'm ___(Name)____, a __(Grade Level/Subject Matter)____ teacher at ___(School)____. I have a group of students who may not receive holiday cards or gifts. I'd like to anonymously purchase _____ single roses with only the recipients' names listed on the cards. Please, do not disclose my name regardless of bribes offered. By the way, do you have any special promotions for educators?" The key to the holiday project's success is secrecy, so don't reveal to anyone that you are the donor. 

Your gesture of kindness will always be remembered by students, and the hunt to uncover the mysterious donor's name is fulfilling to watch.

What are your tips for Valentine's Day?  

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