Saturday, January 19, 2013

Featured Teacher: Adriel

         1. What is your most memorable field trip experience?
Field Trips? I wish.

         2. What is something you have learned from your time on Teachers Pay Teachers?
I've learned that there is literally something for everyone. What works for one person may not work for another and everyone takes their own path.

         3. What book inspired you as a student?
The Giving Tree. It's short and sweet and a story that reminds me to be as giving as I can be at all times.

         4. What is something you would like to see in the future, for education?
I would like for students to not be limited by funding, or lack of. It breaks my heart to see students go without because a school is struggling financially. I strongly believe athletics, and all other extracurricular activities, are vital to students developing into well rounded adults. When we take everything away from them except the basic requirements for education, we are robbing them of great opportunities.

         5. What is something fun about you that teachers don't know about you?
I love decorating and art! I'm a K-5 Title I Teacher and a 4th Grade math teacher, but I have a sort of secret love for art. Everything in my classroom has to be in some way linked together, by color, by design or by theme. I carefully balance the colors in my room (it's rainbow theme) so there is never more of one color than another. My favorite part of putting together my TpT products is adding the design and themes, the final touches. I'm constantly thinking of ways to create learning materials for my classroom walls that are fun on the eyes for people passing by or the students in my room and also equally educational.

         6. What is an achievement, in education or otherwise, that you have accomplished?
My greatest achievement is striking a balance between work and family. In the last two years I have completed my Masters degree while also delivering two extremely premature babies only 11 months apart (one was 2lbs, the other was 3 lbs). My husband, who is also an elementary teacher, and I have spent a lot of time in hospitals over the last two years. In the mean time, we have continued our paths, completed our Master's degrees and stayed the course with our teaching careers. It's been a roller coaster, but we made it happen and life is great on the other side!

         7. What was your first 'Free' item that you posted up on Teachers Pay Teachers?  What made you choose that?
My first "Free" item was "Word Decoding Strategy" Posters. I chose to post these first because I found them to be one of the most basic yet most helpful classroom tools I have for my Title I students. The ability to decode an unknown word while reading is a vital skill to possess, even as an adult reader.

         8. What was your first 'Paid' item that you posted up on Teachers Pay Teachers? What made you choose that?        
My first paid item were the "I Have, Who Has" sight word games. I chose these because I had made them for my Title I students last year and I saw them really make a difference with their sight word recognition. I also wasn't sure exactly how TpT worked, or how well I would do, so I chose something that was a safer bet.

         9.  Your favorite teaching quote is...   
"A teacher's purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image."

       10. What is your 'Go To' time filler?          
My math students LOVE "Math It Up!". It's a TpT freebie and by far my favorite thing I have dowloaded. There are so many possibilities, it never gets old. And best of all, its great math practice!

Adriel Nutter

100 Math Review Worksheets - 4th Grade Math Reviews
Word Decoding Strategy Posters

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