Monday, August 13, 2012

Tournaments + Fun = High Student Achievement

by Victoria Leon

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Students learn better when they are having fun! Help students review for tests by using the 12 tournaments found in Test Prep Tournaments For Any Grade and Any Subject.   

Begin with FREE Test Prep Tournament - A, B, C, D Cards, where students work in teams to answer questions provided by teachers. Multiple choice test questions can be obtained from previous district or state tests, old textbooks, test prep booklets, or self-made tests. 

For example, each team is given the problem:

       What is the sum of 856 and 39?
A)  8,815
B)  817
C)  895
D)  823

Teams are given three minutes to solve the multiple choice question. Then, the captain of each team holds up a card with A, B, C, or D posted on it. Teams with the correct answer are given the chance to earn additional points by answering bonus questions:

What is a sum?
Which numbers do I need to add first?
What is 6 + 9?
Where do I put the 15?

Teams are awarded one point for correct responses. Difficult questions that are incorrectly answered are worth two points, three points, or four points. 
Using this method, students do better on state standardized tests because concepts are taught first then “tricks” are added. To get students ready for a chapter, district, or state test, have students take a Review Test. It has questions similar to the actual test. Students have fun working in teams to win the tournament while also reviewing skills for an upcoming test. Let students retake the Review Test then record the higher of the two grades in the grade book. Afterwards, students are well-prepared to take the actual test. 

To reinforce concepts, make sure students have varieties of tournaments to choose from. For example, spelling words and vocabulary definitions may be reviewed using Tic-Tac-Toe or baseball game boards. Historical events and facts are easily memorized while playing adapted versions of football.

Students will enjoy learning with Test Prep Tournaments, and they will successfully master grade level standards.

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