Saturday, August 4, 2012

NEW Featured Teacher Questionnaire!!!

Starting next week, and just in time for the new school year (how is it already August???? )  comes our brand new Featured Teacher Questionnaire!!

If you have enjoyed reading and learning about us, the educators of Teachers Pay Teachers - now you can find out new interesting tidbits!!

If you would like to participate, and let the general populous know a bit more about your time in education - then go ahead and fill out our nifty online spreadsheet.  We will be sure to get it posted up in the order that it was received.

Teacher 2 Teacher Collaborations

Featured Teacher Questionnaire 2012

For now, here's a snip-ed from the new questionnaire and our first new featured teacher.  Can you guess who it is???

What is your most memorable field trip experience?

I've always worked in Title 1 schools since I started teaching, so in four years I've only been on one field trip, so I guess it wins by default! The ESOL staff took our 3rd-5th grade ESOL students to the Newseum here in DC.

Check back in next Saturday to find out!!

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