Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For the Love of Books: Laura Candler's Power Reading Workshop

Review by Rachel Lynette
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Have you been thinking about implementing a Reading Workshop program in your grade 2-6 classroom? Then you must get Laura Candler's Power Reading Workshop. This book will tell you everything you need to know, and even includes printable forms, worksheets, and graphic organizers.  In addition, there are detailed lesson plans you can use for the first ten days of your program.

A Reading Workshop session should take about an hour and is made up of  five components:
  • Whole class read alouds
  • Strategy mini-lessons
  • Self-selected reading time
  • Individual reading conferences
  • Response to reading
In addition, there are twelve Power Reading Tools that can be added to the program. These tools include: goal setting, response to reading, group reading discussions, exploring different reading genres, and self-assessment. You can add these tools one at a time as your students are ready for them.

There are more great reviews of the book right here on Amazon. However, the best place to buy it is on Laura's site, because if you sign up for her free weekly newsletter Candler's Classroom Connections, you get the digital version along with the book for FREE! The newsletter is brief and includes lots of goodies for your classroom: seasonal ideas, exclusive freebies, and a 20% discount on certain products. Check it out!

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