Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Round Up #9

Welcome to the last Thursday Round Up of the month! Spring is a terrific time to pick up some new resources to jazz up your classroom. As always, you will find a variety of products on the Round Up, all on sale until Saturday night. So take a peek. It would also be much appreciated if you would link this post on your own blog, facebook, website, or whatever you got.

Activity Pack for "I, Too, Sing America" grades 6-10
April is National Poetry Month!  Brand new product for teaching Langston Hughes's "I, Too, Sing America." 21 pages. $6.99
Secondary Solutions

Seasonal and Holiday Worksheet Templates  grades K-3
This resource is made up of ten sets of twelve worksheet templates. Each set features a different seasonal or holiday shape. There are ten different shapes for a total of 120 worksheet templates. The twelve templates are all different and can be used in a variety of ways across the curriculum. Simply edit with your own content and print. There is also an additional set of twenty sample worksheets to show a few possible ways to use the templates.
Rachel Lynette

Classroom and Behavior Management Package grades 4-9
This comprehensive package is an 80+ page document that includes classroom management plans and suggestions for dealing with difficult students, a homework policy package, a positive reinforcement system (Class Cash), 5 quick ideas for enriching your classroom, a complete fundraising guide and 10 inspirational posters. All templates, and printable sheets that you may need are included such as: Homework passes, missing homework recording sheets, class cash, behavior contract, sample letters to parents and staff, behavior tracking sheets, monthly report sheets and many, many others. 
Krystal Mills

Teaching Quotes with Dr. Seuss grades 1-3
This is a smartboard arts integrated lesson where students learn how to identify the words being said before moving on to adding correct punctuation to sentences and finally creating their own sentences using correct punctuation for quotes. Student also learn about the artwork of Dr. Seuss and a few tips on how to become a cartoonist. The lesson ends with students creating their own cartoon character (step by step instructions-fool proof) and writing a quote using correct punctuation.
Karla Banks

Genre Posters grades 1-5
These colorful posters will help your students readily identify various genres in literature, in a fun way. Use them to sort your classroom library books into different areas, or just use them as a reference in your library.
Hilary Lewis
Math Games- Jump Around: Moving with Math grades K-2
This is a set of almost 200 task cards for math games to be played in stations or whole group. With easy to make numbered floor mats, students will "jump around" to hop on their answers. Task cards require students to practice number words, ordering numbers, tally marks, place value, money, and skip counting.
Melissa McMurray

Microscope Powerpoint with Notes for Teacher and Student  grades 6 - 9
This powerpoint is on “The Microscope”. It consists of 27 slides that are colorful, informative and visually stimulating. Pictures and diagrams are included that will greatly enhance your instruction to your students. This product also includes a set of notes for the teacher (4 pages) and a set of notes for the student (6 pages).
Science Stuff

Test Taking Survival Kit grades 1-6
Includes a welcome video showing how to create this product! Make standardized test day a little more fun! This printable includes a list of "necessities" to improve scores and attitudes.
Charity Preston

Kindergarten Sight Word Books for Spring  grades PreK-1
The book ""Little Bunny and Big Bunny"" focuses on the sight words little and big. The book ""We Like Spring"" focuses on the sight words we and like. Each book has two versions: The first version has blanks to be filled in with the sight words. The second version provides dots so that the sight words can be traced. Predictable text is used.
Teacher Tam

Elementary Simple Steps to Sentence Sense Step One grades 1-5
A lesson for elementary students on finding and using prepositional phrases. Three pages of exercises and a writing connection practice exercise. This is Step 1 of the elementary version of Charlene Tess' Simple Steps to Sentence. Mrs. Tess' unique method of teaching sentence analysis and grammar has been used successfully by teachers since 1996. As a bonus, the lesson includes a Jr. version of SAM, the Sentence Analysis Map that saves both teachers and students hours of time.
Charlene Tess

Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple Four-In-A-Row Game grades 5-9
This interactive game has students choosing the correct GCF (Greatest Common Factor) or the LCM (Least Common Multiple) of a set of numbers. This game is great for use with pairs of students on an individual computer or on a interactive board for the whole class to play in teams.  Get three of your disks in a row and you win! Many slides have both the GCF and the LCM shown as possible answers so students have to concentrate on the difference between the GCF and the LCM.
Vintage Teachers

Washington D.C. Center File Folder Activities grades 3-6
There are 6 file folder centers that have a fun, interactive and differentiated approach to learning about Washington D.C. and the government. Each file folder center comes with the necessary recording sheets or activity pages that go along with each center activity (19 pages total). For example, center 1 that is pictured in the thumbnail, also includes a downloadable quill pencil page, two pages of the Declaration of Independence and a patriotic writing paper.

Angles: Geometry Hands-On Activities grades K-9
Angles – they are everywhere! But how do we introduce them to students without being so abstract? This five page handout explains how to use three different items to construct angles – coffee filters, plastic plates, and your fingers. Each item or manipulative is inexpensive, easy to make, and simple for students to use. All of the activities are hands-on and work well for kinesthetic, logical, spatial, and/or visual learners. Correct geometric language is encouraged in the activities, and books are listed that will integrate language and geometry.

Grade 1 Everyday Math Lessons on a single CD Wise Owl Factory
This math CD helps bridge learning from manipulative activities through working in the math journals.  It helps by making lessons memorable by being interactive and colorful.
Wise Owl Factory 

Parts of a Story PowerPoint grades 1-3
This powerpoint uses the Wizard of Oz to help illustrate the parts of a story, which cover setting, characters, problem, sequence of events climax, solution, and point of view.

"The Outsiders" - Graphic Organizers that focus on Issues in the novel  grades 6-10
"The Outsiders" is an oldie, but a goodie!  The issues raised in the novel are similar to the issues faced by teens today.  This series of graphic organizers and worksheets is great for group work, journaling, class discussion...  Topics include character, slang, gangs and more.
Addie Williams

191 Writer's Workshop Topic Ideas: plus organizers grades 2-6 
Your students will never be stuck for a writing idea again! This resource includes 191 ideas for writing, in two different list styles to suit the needs of your classroom. Additionally, writing organizers are included that will aid the brainstorming and writing process.
Shelley Gray

Preterite Spanish Powerpoint Past Tense:  grades 7-12
A Powerpoint presentation of 8 slides for student to practice el preterito.
Can be used as Bell Ringer, Class Activity, Exit Slip, or just review.
Presentation includes the answers, just click space bar to begin.

That is it for this week. If you would like one of your products featured in the next Round Up, just fill out this handy dandy form. Handy Dandy Form. All sellers are welcome, even if you are brand new! If you found something you like here, consider leaving some feedback for the seller. 

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