Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Round Up #8

Welcome to the Thursday Round Up! As always, you will find an assortment of terrific teaching resources, all on sale until Saturday night. This week we have a lot of new sellers! Please be sure to check out their offerings. There is also quite a bit of math and science. If you are working on graphing you have come to the right place - there are three different graphing resources! But don't worry, there are also some language and literature products as well as character education and drama. So take a peek!
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100 Improvisation Scenarios for Drama / Theatre Arts grades 4-12
TOP SELLER! 100 improvisation acting scenarios. Simply print these scenarios onto cardstock, cut them out, and place them in a box for partners to draw out. These scenarios are great for drama class!
Lisa Frase

Interactive Literature Book Marks  grades 2-6
More than bookmarks, these 17 handy learning tools help students track and think about what they are reading. Great for casual reading when you do not want to do a full-on unit but do want some accountability. Book marks for characters, setting, summarizing, interesting words, cause and effect and many more.
Rachel Lynette

Past Tense Irregular Verbs grades 1-3
This colorful and interactive PowerPoint will help your students tackle past tense irregular verbs. 

Literary Terms Worksheets & Graphic Organizers  7-12
17 Literary Terms Worksheets and Graphic Organizers that work with any novel, short story, or poem. These standards based worksheets ask students to think critically about the literature they read, and enable students to comprehend character motivation, theme, and figurative language with the texts. Also builds background for literary response writing.

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus grades PreK-K
Do your students love the pigeon books by Mo Willems? Let your students interact with the story as they learn literacy, math, science, fine motor, art, and more. This packet contains 90 pages of activities with a total of 12 printables.
Karen Cox

Character Education Fun! grades 2-8
"An awesome set of character education activities, lessons, and printables that you can share with your students on 8 different character traits! Also, included are several pages of quotes for each trait that you can use for journals, discussions, or poster making! Over 30 pages of activities to incorporate into your classroom to review or begin to build character with your students. (Cooperation, Empathy, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, Tolerance, and Kindness).
Tech Girl

Getting students to practice vocabulary grades 6-12
Foreign Language Tool that gets students to practice their vocabulary words. They can choose which activities to do that will help them learn and practice the words. Choose activities from three categories (5 points, 10 points, 15 points) and have students do a total of 20 points worth of practice.

Fractions for the Confused and Bewildered - All Operations grades 4-8
Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions is something every student should learn, but often numerous students are left behind in the mathematical dust when a math textbook is followed page by page. Finding the lowest common denominator, changing denominators, not changing denominators, finding a reciprocal, and reducing to lowest terms are complex issues and often very difficult for many math phobic students. The teaching methods included in this eight page handout target the kinesthetic learner, the visual/spatial learner, the auditory student, and the student who with a learning disability. What is amazing is that the unconventional techniques described will always work. 

Science Tasks with Otis & Flask grades 3-6
Science Tasks with Otis & Flask were designed as centers to reinforce science concepts in grades 3-6. These centers include Teacher Background information, Task Cards for each center that provide information for the student, photocopy-ready student packet pages which many include student observation sheets, data sheets, student readings, vocabulary, and assessment items. An answer key is also included.
Teaching Learning Collaborative

Advertising Techniques - Create Your Own Ad grades 5-10
A great introduction to advertising techniques - students learn how companies convince us to make purchases and then apply those techniques to their own ad.  Includes student handout for ad techniques, assignment sheet and rubric.
Addie Williams

Animal Cell Study Guide grades 4-9
This powerpoint is a study guide for the parts of an animal cell. The student will click on a specific part of the cell and the powerpoint will take them to a page telling about that part.  When they are confident  they can identify the part, they go to a testing slide that allows them to identify and tell what each part of the cell does.
Pamela Woods

Action Verbs and Keith Haring grades 2-5
This is a smartboard, arts integrated lesson with everything you need to teach the lesson.  Students will learn about action verbs, review nouns, and the color wheel particularly complementary colors with a review of primary and secondary colors.
Karla Banks

The Ultimate Lab Safety Bundle for Teachers grades 5-12
It is our responsibility as science teachers to make sure that the lab environment for our students is a safe environment.  This bundle of products has everything you need to insure the safety of your students.  Products contained are:  30 slide powerpoint, notes for teacher and student, lab safety contract, lab safety activity, lab safety quiz, medical emergency form and pre-lab worksheet.
Science Stuff

Area and Perimeter PowerPoint grades 7-12
Teach and practice perimeter and area of rectangles, squares, parallelograms, trapezoids and triangles with this fun, colorful PowerPoint presentation.  Presentation has 33 slides total, 13 slides are instructional slides which include animation that shows and explains perimeter and each area formula. Also includes the definitions of all 5 shapes and lots of practice for whiteboards or regular paper.
The Enlightened Elephant

Clean Sweep Homophone Center grades 2-5
Have your students clean up sentences that have one too many homophones. This hands-on literacy center provides 30 practice sentences, a student direction sign, an answer sheet for students, and feather dusters to cut out and attach to clothespins to turn your students in to super sentence cleaners!

Graphing Math Project grades 3-6
Have your students conduct a survey where they will graph their survey results. They will create a frequency chart, bar graph, pictograph, line plot, a tally chart, and be asked to find statistical landmarks (maximum, minimum, mode, etc.).  Included is the project description, project point rubric, and graph examples.

Coordinate City Creative Math Project grades 4-8
This is a creative math lesson plan that has students create their own Coordinate City using coordinates, a scale, four quadrants, x and y axis skills (to name a few). Students get to pick a name and theme for their city that includes: buildings, streets, a park, and an attraction. Included are six pages: a contract sheet, a direction sheet, a rubric for assessment, a vocabulary sheet with definitions, a four-quadrant grid, and a teacher tips page.
Wise Guys

Ordered Pairs / Coordinate Graphing Smartboard Lesson grades 4-6
Here is a 17-page Smart Board presentation on ordered pairs. 12 interactive pages plus 5 introductory discussion-starter pages. This lesson is an introduction to locating points in the first quadrant of the coordinate plane. I recently used this along with my mystery state coordinate maps (also for sale on TPT) and had excellent results!
Patrick Shaffer

Oviparous Animals: a unit integrating literacy, math and science grades K-1
A 99-page unit that integrates Common Core standards from language arts and math into the study of oviparous animals! Your students will love learning about egg-laying animals as they work with words, research, complete graphing activities, make mini-books and much more!
Shelley Gray

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