Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Round Up #7

Welcome to this week's Thursday Round Up! More great deals to be found with these terrific teaching resources - all on sale till Saturday night! As always, these selections span the grade levels and subjects, so there is something for everyone. There are some great St. Patrick's Day Activities as well as some super resources for math, science, and literature.

If you haven't checked out Monday's article on Teacher Communication, be sure to scroll down. It is worth a read!

Find it First! St. Patrick's Day gameboards for ANY class!  grades 1-12  
Find it First!" game boards can truly be used by ANY grade level & ANY content area to help students review!  Just fill in the images with whatever you need to review and the game boards are ready to go!  Check it out! 

Fairy Tales grades 2-5
All fairy tale units and lessons are on sale.  Cinderella, Yen-Shen, Rapunzel, Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, all are part of this week's round up. 
Rosshalde Pak 

22 Graphic Organizers for Any Book grades 3-8
Graphic organizers are great tools for analyzing literature. In addition, they are highly motivating for students. With that in mind, I designed these with inviting shapes and easy-to-understand formats. Each graphic organizer is ready-to-use and includes student directions.
Rachel Lynette

Midpoint Lesson Plan: Use midpoints to find segment lengths grades 9-12
Students will be engaged in hands-on and minds-on learning with this lesson that develops the concept of the midpoint of a segment.  Included activities help build up the concept slowly, so that students will ultimately be able to set up algebraic equations in order to find lengths of segments.
This lesson integrates several literacy strategies including writing to learn activities and graphic organizers.
Melissa Case

Spanish Food Oral Partner Speaking Listening Activity Comida grades 7-12
Use a real life situation that students could find themselves in in the future where they must follow someone's directions in Spanish. Have the students work in pairs where they must listen to the partner give them directions on where to place food pictures. You can certainly edit the sentences to use specific vocabulary, verbs, and grammar structures you are currently studying in your food unit. Includes directions on how to use this in class. 

Chapter Book Reading Strategies Activities grades 3-8
This product starts off with a welcome video that gives tips for how to use in your classroom! A GREAT way to integrate 12 vital reading strategies, multiple intelligences, and authentic assessment! All 60 activities can be used with ANY chapter book! 
Charity Preston

St. Patrick's Day Sight Word Practice grades PreK-1
This resource allows students to practice 30 sight words! It includes a sight word game with 2 sets of cards for different levels of play and 2 practice sheets where students read the word, cut and glue letters to spell the word, then write it. Best of all, an alphabet set with shamrocks is included for cutting, gluing, and spelling!
Teacher Tam

Holiday and Season Slides to Greet Your Class, 2011-2014 grades K-4
Be prepared with welcoming slides for holidays, special days, and the changing of the seasons for 2011-2014.  All dates are listed on the  slides, most have animation, and all are highly illustrated.
Wise Owl

Black History Bundle Activity Set grades 3-8
Set includes a 40 slide PowerPoint about Black history and those who have changed America, a Black History Wonderful Cut & Paste activity that goes with the PowerPoint, a Black History Word Find, and A Black History Jeopardy Game!!! A great activity set to get your students engaged and learning about Black History!
Tech Girl

St. Patrick's Day Bingo Activity grades 3-5
This is a 9-page document that includes a blank St. Patrick's Day BINGO card, a word list for students, and word lists for the teacher to use when calling out words. It also includes an activity about What is St. Patrick's Day with an answer key.
Wise Guys

MYSTERY numbers & shapes math PUZZLES -GEOMETRY, PLACE VALUE, DECIMALS grades 4-6
Here are 6 (2-sided) sets of fun, challenging ""Who Am I?"" math problems.
Includes 3 sets of mystery number two-sided sheets,  2 two-sided sets of ""Who Am I?"" mystery shape problems, and 1 set of problems with decimals. These products are also sold separately or in other activity collections at my TPT store. 
Patrick Shaffer

Past Tense Irregular Verbs grades 1-3
This colorful and interactive PowerPoint will help your students tackle past tense irregular verbs.  

St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary and Writing Activity grades 3-8
A fun and unique way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day - students pick "Lucky Charms" with themed words on them to incorporate into a poem or story. All templates and materials included!! 
Addie Williams

Lab: The Effect of Antiseptics and Disinfectants on Bacterial Growth grades 6-10
One of the best things about taking a biology class is growing bacteria. All students love it! In this lab students will grow soil bacteria in a Petri dish.  Various antiseptics and disinfectants will be tested to determine their effectiveness in controlling the growth of bacteria.
Science Stuff

St. Patrick's Day Multiplication Learning Center  grades 3-5
Luck of the Irish takes on multiplication with printable shamrock learning center! The direction sheet, shamrocks with 0-12 (and a few blank shamrocks), multiplication fact family sheet, and a leprechaun hat picture are all included in this learning center download.  

Figurative Language Resources for Language Arts
This 35 page resource contains various activities for you to use while teaching the literary element of Figurative Language (alliteration, hyperbole, idiom, metaphor, onomatopoeia, personification, and simile). This resource includes: a set of 7 mini-posters, bookmarks, a full page of activity ideas, a full page of reading response prompts, a page of internet resources, and a book list. It also contains 2 different oral language activities, many different reading and writing graphic organizers, two ready-to-use assignments and rubrics, and a quiz (answers included).
Runde's Room

Writing Workshop Resource K-2 classroom 
Here is a 45+ page resource to be used during writing workshop for the whole year in grades K, 1, and 2.  It includes graphic organizers, planning sheets, lined paper, and celebration sheets.  Many of the pages were developed to support mini-lessons from Teachers College.
Workshop Classroom

Think Tank Questions grades 2-6
Think Tank Questions encourage students to use critical thinking skills such as inquiry and reasoning while urging them to gather information and assess answers based on their experience and/or prior knowledge. This 14 page handout contains 46 sample questions, and most subject areas are included. Answers are provided for those questions which have a specific answer. For most of the questions, the answers will vary based on a student’s experience or prior knowledge.

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