Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Round Up #5

Welcome to this week's Thursday Round Up! As always you will find a wide variety of terrific TpT teaching resources, all on sale for three days! There is something for everyone, so take a peek!

Patricia Polacco Author Study grades 3-5
This week long author study includes everything you need to teach about Patricia Polacco. The author study includes 5 mini lessons and whole group activities and a Choice Board with 9 different activities that students can complete during their independent reading time on selected Patricia Polacco picture books.

Author's Purpose Mini Lesson for Nonfiction grades 3-8
This ready to go mini lesson (10 page file) includes: (1) a semi scripted mini lesson, (2) nonfiction category cards and examples to use for modeling, and (3) student category cards for reading and sorting (answer key included). All you need to do to prepare is copy & cut (although I recommend laminating the cards for durabilty and future use). Students learn the four types of nonfiction: inform, express, persuade, and instruct.
Lisa Frase

Creative Book Reports grades 3-8
Tired of Book Reports? Here are 15 engaging and fun Book Projects. Each project includes a student handout explaining what to do and a grading rubric.
Rachel Lynette 

President's Day Power Point Lesson and Interactive Quiz grades 1-6
This is a fun 29 slide President's Day Power Point Lesson. It includes information about the history and traditions of President's day as well as information about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Both February birthdays! Check it out!
PowerPoint Maniac

Poetry Package - 7 Great Assignments to Engage and Involve Students grades 4-10
Some of my best selling items on TpT all bound together into one package of "Poetry Awesomeness".  Seven great poetry assignments that I've had success with in the classroom. Can be adapted to different grades easily - just change the amount of output required from each student.
Addie Williams

Character Tags Literature or History Activity grades 6-12
 If you need a fun way to review characters or historical figures, use this character "tags" activity. Students make comparisons with characters from pop culture and defend their choices. It promotes critical thinking and creativity.
Tracee Orman

Seasons of the Year Lapbook File Folder Fun grades K-3
Explore the seasons of the year with this file folder activity filled with mini books, games, flashcards and more. Use in centers or have students create their own as a portfolio to share with their family and review what they have learned in the classroom. A detailed instruction guide with helpful links and visuals is provided.
FlapJack Lapbooks

March Writing Center grades 2-5
This ready to use writing center includes 24 writing activity cards with topics appropriate for March. Print, cut and put in a basket (or small black leprechaun’s kettle) and allow students to choose a topic to write about. Increase verbal expression by using these cards as oral discussion cards too. Erin Go Bragh!

Listening Journal Activities grades 4-8
The listening activities in this 12 page booklet can be used in conjunction with a unit of study into any music style/genre. Music is the universal language, so you will be able to find music to tie in with whatever theme or unit you are presenting to your students. There are activities to suit various age levels.
Aussie Music Teacher

15 Spanish 1 Projects grades 7-12
15 Projects for the Level 1 Spanish Class including Group Projects, Individual Projects, Projects for the Main Themes of all Spanish I textbooks (Expresate, Realidades, Avancemos, etc.) such as food, family, school, clothing, doctor, and more. A Majority of the projects include rubrics for easy grading and clear expectations.

Making Generalizations Smartboard Lesson grades 1-3
This 16-slide Smartboard lesson will help your students understand what generalizing means. It provides an explanation, some practice passages and a link to an online story.

Science Made 4 Middle School (4th-8th)
Includes 11 super fun labs with teacher pages and student lab sheets!!!  All on Sale!!! Check it out!
Tech Girl

Beginning Spanish Reading Comprehension - Cognates! grades 6-12
Students practice their reading comprehension abilities and keep that ""Affective Filter"" (Krashen) open!  Students gain confidence in their reading abilities when they can recognize words and make connections between English and Spanish.

Kindergarten Sight Word Cut and Glue Sentences grades PreK-1
These cut-and-glue sentences provide sight word practice for students, as well as the opportunity to improve cutting and gluing skills. Such a simple concept, but it's great sight word practice for 30 words!
Teacher Tam

Let's Learn to Use and Build A Dichotomous Classification Key grades 7- 10
In this product students will learn why classification is necessary, the definition of a dichotomous key, and how to use a dichotomous key.  Students will analyze the included pictures of 7 different cone-bearing plants, using the included dichotomous key to classify them.   Finally students will learn to construct a classification key of their own.  Students are given pictures of 12 different primates and asked to make their own classification key.
Science Stuff

Lesson Plan Templates (3) that are Simple and Easy to Use all grade levels
This handout includes three lesson plan templates - a generic lesson plan and two specifically designed for mathematics (elementary or secondary) and reading. Checklists are featured on all three plans; hence, there is little writing for you to do. Example of the various checklists are: Bloom’s Taxonomy, multiple intelligences, lesson types, and cooperative learning structures.  Simply, look at your lesson plan, and then check off what it includes

Sailing Through Expanded Notation Learning Center  grades 3-5
There are 15 boats with numbers written in either standard notation or expanded form. Students use the recording sheet to write the answer in either standard notation or expanded form. It is simple center that is easy for your students to use independently or in a small group to reinforce this skill. 

Individualized Spelling Program for Treasures Reading 2nd Grade
After 17 years of teaching spelling to my students, I have finally found the system that works perfectly for my students! I've paired an individualized spelling program with the word lists found in the Treasures Reading Series (2nd grade) to create a dynamic spelling experience for my students; each word list has also been supplemented with a list of challenge words that are in the same word family, thus allowing more advanced spellers a chance to have their own words. This is a 36-week program that will take you through the entire school year!
John Blake

Rocket Lab Report grades 3-6
Students will love cutting, coloring, and assembling this oversized lab report almost as much as you will love having a bright and beautiful display for your bulletin board. Use this lab report for any force and motion lab. It even comes with a rubric for teacher and student self-evaluation.

Main Idea and Detail Game - Hey, What's the Big Idea? grades 2-12
Hey, What’s the Big Idea? is a wonderful word game that helps strengthen language processing, word retrieval, and organizational abilities. It develops students’ understanding of main ideas and details – a fundamental of reading and writing! This game can be played individually, cooperatively or competitively.

EQUIVALENT FRACTIONS Card Game Math practice activity - Fraction Match grades 4-6
This is a 24-card game for practicing identifying pairs of equivalent fractions. Kids spread out the cards and take turns trying to find equivalent pairs. Kids can check the cards' backs to see if they are correct! Afterwards, students can complete the accompanying worksheet, recording all of the pairs they found and writing multiplication and division rules for each pair.
Patrick Shaffer

That's it for this week. If you submitted a product and it isn't here, it means that you didn't turn in your form soon enough to make this week's Round Up. Look for your product in next week's Round Up. We have several products ready to go for next week, but there is still room for more. If you would like your product to be included, just fill out this super easy, handy-dandy form. All TpT sellers are welcome to participate and new sellers are especially encouraged to submit. 

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