Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Round Up #4

Welcome to the Thursday Round Up - a great place to find terrific TpT products all on sale for three days! Once again, a great group of resources from sellers we know and love and some new ones too.

This week there were twice as many sellers wanting into the Round Up as we need! But don't worry, if you didn't make it in this week, you'll be in there next week.

Inference Mini Lesson On Character's Feelings Grades 3-8
This 5 page pdf file includes a complete scripted mini lesson for teaching students to infer character’s feelings. The lesson includes an active engagement activity for small groups, a full sized example of the modeled text, and a Character’s Feelings & Emotions poster to hang in your classroom
Lisa Frase

"Hunger Games" Panem to Panem, game similar to Apples to Apples Grades 5 - Adult
You've read the book, you've done the worksheets and activities, now it's time to play the game! Your students will love Panem to Panem, a game based on the popular party Game Apples to Apples®. Everything you need to play is included along with instructions.
Rachel Lynette

Winter Math and Reading Activities Grades PreK-1
46 pages of fun, engaging math and reading activities featuring snowmen and penguins. There is an original beginning reading book with a matching printable book, a penguin rhyming words match, snowman beginning addition, counting 1-25, word families, ending sounds, sight words, and more! Several games come with matching cut-and-glue activity sheets.
Teacher Tam

Reading Informational Materials PPT Grades 7-12
This powerpoint presentation provides an overview of how to read informational materials including consumer documents, workplace documents, and functional documents. Specific examples and features of informational documents are included. Works with Reading Comprehension 2.1 and 2.7, understanding and analyzing functional and technical documents.
Melissa Soeltz

Packet of New Practice Exercises for Simple Steps to Sentence Grades 7-adult
An entirely new set of exercises, tests, and writing connection pages to be used in conjunction with the notes, students lesson plans, and overhead projection pages in Simple Steps to Sentence Sense. Now you can use the book with more than one grade level.
Charlene Tess

Valentine's Day Coordinate Graphing Grades 3-5
Teach or review coordinate graphing with 3 "sweet" Valentine's Day pictures.  Students can complete an easy Hershey kiss, a cute flowering heart, or a tricky cupid.  You decide the challenge level by choosing the picture to give each student. These make a nice display in the hallway when they are finished.  Marked down especially for the holiday.

Valentine's Activities for Primary Students: math, literacy and more! Grades 1-3
A 50+ page collection of activities for the week surrounding Valentine's Day. Activities are well-suited to learning centers, whole-class activities or partner-based learning and cover a range of math and balanced literacy skills.
Shelley Gray

Valentine's Math:  Counting Back Interactive Slides and Printable Game Grade 1
This is an interactive Valentine's Day theme lesson which has a focus on counting back.  The slides ask questions such as, "What are the next four numbers counting back by 4's from 39?"  The printable game may be played by partners.
Wise Owl Factory

Idioms and cloze activity with George Washington Grades 3-7
With the help of America's first President, your students will have a ""whale of a time"" learning idioms and understanding their meanings. This 23 slide presentation discusses what an idiom is, and gives 20 examples of commonly used idioms. You'll laugh along with your students in a memorable presentation, full of animated graphics!
Teachers Unleashed

Area of Irregular Figures: Using Rectangles math resource 10-pg packet Grades 4-6
10-page teacher resource packet on finding areas of irregular shapes (such as L-shaped and U-shaped figures) using rectangles (no triangles). Step-by-step explanations and examples of strategies for solving problems by adding smaller areas inside the figure or by subtracting missing pieces from a larger rectangle. Includes a 3-page section to help teach how to find and label missing dimensions, by adding and subtracting other labeled sides.
Patrick Shaffer

21 Literature Worksheets for ANY Book Grades 1-5
20% off my best selling product!!! 21 quality graphic organizers that can be used with any picture book or short novel.

Read Across America Day Treasure Hunt Grades 2-5
This is a four page document that is guaranteed to put some fun into reading for Read Across America Day or any day in school. This Treasure Hunt activity will have students searching for authors, genres of books, lengths of books, and other fun topics. Watch them scurry around your room trying to get the treasure (which can simply be candy or the award that is attached as well). Have fun with this creative activity!
Wise Guys

Mitosis and Meiosis (Cell Growth and Division) Powerpoint and Notes Grades 7-12
This powerpoint is on Mitosis and Meiosis (Cell Growth and Division). It consists of 55 slides that are colorful, informative and visually stimulating. You will also receive a teacher set of notes and a student set of notes.  Students will fill in their outline of notes as the powerpoint is being presented.
Science Stuff

Exercises for the Classroom Grades K-8
 I created this Smartboard activity so that my students can get up and move around for a minute or two before moving on to the next subject. Gym or no gym, doing a few exercises is motivating. There is a scrolling banner across the top to tell the students what to do for one minute, and there is a timer to keep track.

Detecting Capital Letters Center Grades 2-4
Your students will be ready to solve the case of the missing capital letters! Included in this purchase are 24 magnifying glasses, which have text typed in them that are missing capital letters (ex: mrs. caffelle, washington d.c.). There is an included recording sheet to track "case notes" aka words with capital letters, and all you need to include is the "case envelope"- a manilla folder to put the pieces in.

Seven Greatest Classroom Irritations for Teachers with Solutions All Grade Levels
This short, four page resource offers a number of practical ideas on how to eliminate those day-after-day aggravating problems that keep resurfacing in your classroom. Seven problems are discussed including Children Who Are Always at Your Desk and Use of the Pencil Sharpener. Underneath each topic, a number of doable solutions are recommended.

15 Spanish 1 Projects Grades 7-12
Group Projects, Individual Projects, Projects for the Main Themes of all Spanish I textbooks and classes.. 24 pages including rubrics for easy grading and clear expectations for a majority of the projects. Themes include Food, Health, Vocab, Clothing, Family, House, and more!

Author's Purpose:  Resources for Language Arts Grades 5-10
This 30 page resource contains various activities for you to use while teaching the literary element of Author's Purpose (to persuade, to inform, and to entertain). This resource includes: posters, bookmarks, activity ideas, reading response prompts, internet resources, book list, an anchor chart, and two rubrics.  It also contains 7 graphic organizers for reading, 3 different writing activities (Pizza Purpose, Writing a Newspaper Page, and Creating a Menu), and an oral communication activity.
Runde's Room

Graphing Booklet- Sports Theme Grades 2-5
Sports Graphing Booklet: Create a tally chart, pictograph, line plot, bar graph, horizontal bar graph, and answer questions based on frequency chart data about sports. I have other themes of the graphing booklet as well.

Kate Chopin Mini-Unit Grade 7-12
This mini-unit is a 3 day student-centered activity set for Kate Chopin. Student handouts are provided for each day and all reading materisls are provided with online links. Includes a biography scavenger hunt, a timeline activity, a short essay writing prompt, a reading guide, and wrap-up questions for review.  Allow your students to learn to love reading and the great authors of our past!
Michele Luck

That's it for this week. If you submitted a product and it isn't here, it means that you didn't turn in your form soon enough to make this week's Round Up. Look for your product in next week's Round Up. We have several products ready to go for next week, but there is still room for more. If you would like your product to be included, just fill out this super easy, handy-dandy form. All TpT sellers are welcome to participate.

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