Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Round Up #3

So many reasons to be excited about this Round Up!  There are lots of terrific Valentine's Day Activities as well as many other high-quality resources - all on sale till Saturday evening! The Round Up is becoming more popular as more and more buyers and sellers learn about this terrific opportunity. This week there was an overflow of product submissions. We have lots of new sellers this week, too! Great to see so many new "faces."

So, take a peek and if you find something you can use, be sure and leave some feedback for the seller. We sellers love to hear from happy customers!

Valentine's Day Stations: Fun Activities for Students grades 3-6
Here are some great activities that you can make into kid friendly stations for a fun Valentine's Day in your classroom!
Wise Guys

U.S. History Bingo Game grades 3-12
This game won the Creative Child's Game of the Year for educational products!  I created this game as a way to provide students with a fun way to learn about the important people of American History. 
Rosshalde Pak

Valentine's Day Math Smartboard Lesson grades 1-3
This 10-slide Smartboard lesson can be used on Valentine's Day to help practice and reinforce important math concepts. It includes place value, even and odd, graphing, plane shapes, 3D shapes, money, greater than and less than, time, probability, and fractions.

Tic-Tac-Toe Literature Response Choice Grids for Any Book! grades 3-8
Here are 45 literature response activities arranged in five grids of nine activities each to make a Tic-Tac-Toe format. The Tic-Tac-Toe format forces students to make choices, weighing one activity against another. . These can be used with any chapter book and are great for independent reading.
Rachel Lynette

Valentine's Math Activities and Center Board grades 3-5
Have fun and learn on Valentine's Day with these 9 different Valentines themed math activities and centers grid. Product includes teacher directions, centers grid, recording sheets, and student directions for all 9 activities. Skills and concepts practiced are: problem solving, computation, measurement, geometry, data analysis, reading and writing numbers, and more.

Main Idea and Detail Game: Hey Whats the Big Idea grades 1-12
This is a fabulously fun word game that helps strengthen language processing, word retrieval, and organizational abilities. It develops students’ understanding of main ideas and details – a fundamental of reading and writing! This game offers three levels of difficulty and can be played individually, cooperatively or competitively.

Valentine's Day: El Dia de San Valentin! grades 4-12
Celebrate Valentine's Day in your Spanish classes with an assortment of activities.  This packet includes: Songs, Vocabulary Lists, Poetry, Word Searches and Grammar activities.

Research Skills - Templates and Organizers to Use for ANY subject and ANY project! Grades 5-12
A great set of graphic organizers and templates to use with students while they work through a research project. Includes brainstorming sheets, note-taking templates and more! Detailed lesson plan and examples included.  Can be used with any subject and any type of assignment - paper, poster, pamphlet etc.
Addie Williams

Tuck Everlasting: 6 Vocabulary Crosswords by sections grades 4-6
This is one of over 550 word puzzles I have created based on classroom books of all levels--over 100 titles! The various puzzle types challenge students' reading, vocabulary, and spelling skills, as well as their general knowledge of the English language. Fun teaching--and learning!
Pegi Bevins

Heart Quips: A Problem Solving Activity for February grades 5-9
Heart Quips is a 13 page handout (with answers) that features 22 pictures of hearts which represent different heart expressions. (e.g. “From the bottom of my heart”). Each day, leading up to Valentine’s Day, put up one Heart Quip as a student focus activity, OR, put two or three up at one time or all of them up at the same time. Students are to figure out which heart expression the Heart Quip represents. It can be fun, but also a very challenging Valentine's Day activity!

French Oral Practice - Prepositions grades 2-10
This is a listen and repeat Powerpoint containing 30 slides for either French Second Language classes in the older grades or for French Immersion students in the younger grades.  It focuses on using prepositions and house vocabulary.  Also included are worksheets to consolidate the language learned in this Powerpoint.
Ms. Joanne

Biology Unit on CD: Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA), RNA, Protein Synthesis grades 8-12
This is an entire Biology unit that will be shipped to you on a CD.  This unit has everything that a Biology teacher needs to teach a unit on DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis to Biology I students. You will receive:  A 69 slide Powerpoint Presentation, Teacher Notes, Student Notes to be filled in as the powerpoint is presented, 4 Homework Assignments, 4 Quizzes, 2 Labs, 3 Jeopardy Review Games, 2 Crossword Puzzles, Study Guide, and 3 Unit Tests. 
Science Stuff

Rainbow Crow Lesson, Centers, Prinable Pages for K-1
"RAINBOW CROW is a wonderful Lenape story about why crow has a hoarse voice and black feathers.  Crow was selfless and helps others in the story.  Word sort and poetry center printable pages.
Wise Owl

Myth of the Dreamcatcher Art Project grades 5-9
This is a common art project that the students really enjoyed. Students listen to the ""Myth of the Dreamcatcher"" and then make a dreamcatcher for themselves. This download includes the lesson plan, myth read aloud (written by me), assignment sheet and listening rubric.
Terry-Lynn McLeod

A Lesson Plan for Teachers, New and Old! Grades K-12
To be a teacher in today's classroom it takes patience, skill, knowledge, and most importantly, HUMOR!  This 82 page downloadable version of A Lesson Plan for Teachers will guide you through some of the pitfalls of teaching with specific direction and a touch of humor.  It's a must for all teachers in today's classrooms. 
Michele Luck

Valentine Homophone Heart Game grades 2-5
This Valentine's day themed activity is a twist on Old Maid matching homophone pairs... or pears? There are 36 pairs of homophone words, CUPID cards (Old Maid) and extra hearts to customize your game.

Newspaper Template for School Newspaper / Newspaper Club  grades 4-8
A Microsoft word file that you can use as a template for your school newspaper or classroom letter. 4 pages. I used this template when I supervised the newspaper club. You can even use as a project when students write a mock newspaper as part of a journalism or language arts class.

SMART Soil Sleuths for grades 2-5
Take your students on a fact finding mission to learn all about soil layers, components, organic and mineral matter, vocabulary and more! External links and teacher notes help clarify concepts and aid student comprehension.

Chris Van Allsburg Author Study for grades 2-6
This file includes 23 pages of photographs, anchor chart headings, fluency passages, and response sheets to launch a Chris Van Allsburg Author Study.
Mrs. Nickerson

Valentine's Day Activities Pack for Elementary Grades grades K-3
Your students will love these fun and easy-to-use activities during your Valentine's Day festivities or centers. Included in this packet are 5 Valentine's Day activities: a word search, a dot-to-dot puzzle, a word hunt, a scrambled word puzzle, and a do-it-yourself Valentine card.
 John Blake

Reading Comprehension Strategy Binder grades 5-10
This HUGE 183 page resource contains everything you need to support your students’ learning of the reading comprehension strategies (Asking Questions, Determining Importance, Inferring, Making Connections, Summarizing, Synthesizing, and Visualizing).  Each section includes posters, bookmarks, activity ideas, reader response prompts, a variety of graphic organizers, and a rubric.
Runde's Room

That's it for this week. If you submitted a product and it isn't here, it means that you didn't turn in your form soon enough to make this week's Round Up. Look for your product in next week's Round Up. We have several products ready to go for next week, but there is still room for more. If you would like your product to be included, just fill out this super easy, handy-dandy form. All TpT sellers are welcome to participate.

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