Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Round Up #10

Hey, it's the Round Up. Everything you see here is on sale for just three days, so now is the time to take advantage of some terrific deals!

Creative & Critical Thinking Worksheets grades 2-6
Needs some fun activities to break up standardized testing? These 21 activities will fill the bill. Most of them utilize the upper levels of Blooms Taxonomy; inviting students to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate. Some are more writing-based, while others focus on logic skills. Most would work well as warm-up, homework or enrichment.
Rachel Lynette

I have put together an entire biology unit on a CD. This unit contains at least 3 weeks of materials depending on how many lab activities you want to do. The title of this unit is ""Genetics"". This unit has everything that a Biology teacher needs to teach a unit on genetics to Biology I students. You will receive a 61 slide powerpoint, teacher notes, student notes, 2 labs, 1 jeopardy review game, 5 quizzes, 7 practice problem worksheets, 1 crossword puzzle and a unit test. All answers are included.

This 37-slide PowerPoint game has students choosing the correct word to complete each sentence.  This can be a two person game or a classroom game. One side is red and one is black.  It is a fun game to play using the SmartBoard. The questions on this game deal with homophones and commonly confused words.

A Powerpoint presentation of 8 slides for student to practice el preterito.
Can be used as Bell Ringer, Class Activity, Exit Slip, or just review.
Presentation includes the answers, just click space bar to begin.

Cause & Effect Smartboard Lesson grades 1-3
Introduce, practice, and review Cause and Effect with this colorful and interactive Smartboard lesson. Just pull the tab on the slides to show the instructions. The first activity feels like magic as the students pass the object over the columns and the answer appears. There are 3 different cause and effect activities to engage your students with. This is a good companion to my Cause and Effect PowerPoint. Includes a link to an online game at the end.

Literary Elements Resource Binder grades 5-12
This HUGE 156 page resource contains creative resources and assignments to support your students’ learning of literary elements (author's purpose, characterization, figurative language, point of view, and tone and mood).  Each literary element bundle includes:  posters, bookmarks, reader response prompts, book list, class activities, graphic organizers, and ready-to-use assignments and rubrics.
Runde's Room

How to Summarize Reading Selections Using Bloom's Taxonomy High School/College
Because it was essential that every student come to class prepared, I created a required article summary to be completed for each assigned reading. The summary is done on 5”x8” file cards so there is not a great deal of writing for the student. Because a rubric is already developed, grading is quick and easy for the teacher. The five page handout consists of detailed directions, the ten point grading rubric, a sample of the back and front of a summary note card, and a detailed overview of Bloom’s Taxonomy with sample questions for each level of Bloom’s.

Pirate Pete's Treasure grades K-2
This is a 53 page document full of cute pirate themed math and literacy centers. The topics covered are counting coins, Greater Than/Less Than counting coins, and synonyms and antonyms.  Each center has a student response sheet. Clink link to see full description.
Karla Banks

Nonfiction Graphic Features Practice grades 6-9
This is practice on the graphic features in nonfiction text.  This product contains a bar graph, a line graph, a circle graph, and a diagram that students will anayze and answer questions.  This could be used as classwork or homework.
Science Etc.

Spanish Present Tense Connect Four Game grades 7-12
Practice the Spanish present tense in context with this fun connect four board game! Game comes with 35 different question cards with practice conjugating -ar, -er, and -ir verbs in the present tense.
Printable game, game pieces, question cards and directions are all included.
The Enlightened Elephant

The Lorax - "Basal Break" Literature Unit grades 2-5
Great for Earth Day! This comprehensive unit includes seven original activities to reinforce the skills of Comprehension, Multiple Meaning Words, Real/Nonsense Words, Vocabulary Development, Persuasive Writing,Rhyming Words and Homophones.

Hunger Games Arena Board Game Activity grades 6-12
Students can create their own board game or play the one provided for a review of the popular Suzanne Collins novel The Hunger Games. Includes directions, rules, printable game board, pawn, die, cards, tokens and blank board and cards for students who wish to create their own.
Tracee Orman

Guided Reading Pack (Lesson Plans, Strategy Posters & Running Records) grades K-1
This pack has what you need to help make your guided reading lesson planning, organization and strategies used a snap!

Poetry / Writing Prompts Power Point grades 4-10
20 visual writing or poetry prompts for a month of learning and writing!  Each slide contains an original photo, a discussion prompt or idea starter AND at least one poetry prompt and one writing prompt.  Great for a range of ages and abilities.
Addie Williams

State Travel Brochure Project grades 2-6
Have your students create a trifold travel brochure about any state! Have them fold a 11 x 17 piece of construction paper into thirds. There is a state research guide, websites that are recommended for research, 2 pages of project detail requirements, and a parent notification portion.

Sentences - Writing / Revising / Editing - Grade 1 - All 9 Sets grades K-2
Sentences – Writing / Revising / Editing – Grade 1 – All 9 Sets is a series of sentence writing lessons for students in Grade 1. There are 9 sets of 20 sentence revising and editing pages written at the various grade 1 reading levels for students to read, revise, and edit. Students will be correcting for capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and spelling of sight words
Mark Lyons

Get your submissions in for the next Round Up here. The sooner, the better. All TpT sellers are welcome to submit.

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