Monday, November 26, 2012

CyberMonday and Tuesday is About Sharing

It's finally here--CyberMonday and Tuesday! As educators, we've anticipated and waited all year for one of Teachers Pay Teachers biggest sales (up to 28% off!). 
Cyber Monday
However, currently, there are many fellow teachers who are in need of help and support. A huge "Thank You!" to those who have started projects to help out less-fortunate friends and neighbors across the world. If you have such a site, please post it in the Comments section to receive more donations. For example, Teachers Help Teachers, by Laurah Jurca of The ESOL Odyssey; she set up a site for donations of school products to Hurricane Sandy educators. After all, that is what CyberMonday and Tuesday are about--thankfulness for a place to share great products that help educators!

The upcoming weeks are the perfect time to encourage students to help others in need. Motivating students to volunteer during the holidays is simple. Find projects students can create and give. Everything from cut-outs of holiday themed items to impersonal letters to thank you cards can bring smiles of joy to faces. Donate the hand-made products to adult living centers, hospitals, and nursing homes. Also, students can volunteer to perform charitable work, such as reading to elderly patients or performing a play at a nursing home. Homeless shelters need extra hands and so do food kitchens. Frequently, students need to look no further than their own neighborhoods to volunteer their time. They might try babysitting for busy parents, putting up Christmas decoration, or raking leaves. A school toy drive or community project, such as collecting books, is a excellent way to promote volunteerism.  

Show students the holiday season is about giving rather than receiving. 

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