Monday, November 19, 2012

A TpT Thanksgiving

There are many reasons to be thankful during Thanksgiving. Currently, however, there are many teachers who are in need of help during the holiday season. Economic hardships and natural disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy, have left some teachers struggling to return to classrooms and their profession. How can you be of help? Laurah Jurca of ESOL Odyssey blog has come up with a solution for Hurricane Sandy victims that involves teachers helping teachers:

How can I help?
If you are a teacher or have a store on TpT or TN, then please consider donating some of your products or materials to a teacher in need! If you are interested, please click the "teachers helping teachers" button below and fill out the requested information.Teachers of all grade levels are welcome and encouraged to participate! I will send out an e-mail when it is time to send in your donated product, and I will handle separating the products into grade-level bundles for distribution and distributing to schools and teachers in need.

Join in!

  1. Click the "Teachers help Teachers" button below and fill your information into the form.
  2. If you have a blog, blog about this and add the button below to your post, and link it to this blogpost. (this can be done by copying the image and inserting it into your post, then copying the link location and linking the picture). If you don't have a blog but still wish to donate and share, then pintrest, Facebook and Twitter about it!
  3. Join the linky party below and link to your blog post (if you have a blog) or your TpT store if you do not have a blog.

Helping teachers affected by Hurricane Sandy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

From the Tchr2tchr Administrative Staff 

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