Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book Look: Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli

Star Girl
By: Jerry Spinelli 
Review by: Rosshalde Pak

This book is one of Jerry Spinelli’s underrated books, in my opinion.  It’s a great story about beginning romance, finding yourself, being true to who you are, and not letting the pressure – that is so very common for teens – rule who you are.

This book would be best for middle and high school students.  I used it once with a Gifted class of fifth grades, and some of the concepts – especially that of romance, was lost on the students.  From then on, I utilized it with older students and teenagers.  They were much more receptive to the book and the messages of it.  Both girls and boys enjoyed the book.  That is probably due in large part to the main character being a girl (Star Girl) and the narrator being a boy (Leo).

This book could also serve new educators well, or people who are going through Master’s degree programs for education.  The reason I say this is that the book accurately captures the need teens feel to fit in, and at the same time, to be individuals.  This emotional battle in all teenagers is important for their teachers to understand, and not forget like we tend to do as we become older.

From the first time I picked up this book as a substitute teacher, I knew it was special, so much so I read the whole book in less than one day.  If you are a fan of Spinelli’s books, you probably will too.  If not, then I think there is no better book from his collection to start with.

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