Monday, December 5, 2011

Teaching Resource Partner: The Teaching Channel

By Guest Author Elaine Hirsch

The Teaching Channel equips teachers with tools to help educate and infuse a love of learning in their students. It supplies educators with media tools that transform classrooms into superlative learning venues. It permits teachers to effectively train students in communication, history, listening, math, reading, science, thinking skills, and more with numerous media presentations. In addition, the website aims to help teachers find excellent resources to inspire and prepare children for challenges throughout their educational years.

Teachers, coaches and administrators have exclusive access to hundreds of teaching ideas, methods, and videos, as well as the Teaching Channel’s “personal assistant”, known as Lesson Planner. The Lesson Planner changes how Common Core Standards are incorporated into classroom instructions. There are instructional videos on classroom behaviors, differentiated learning, group dynamics, student engagement, and teacher tips. This adaptable, media-driven approach helps teachers unlock children’s potentials through creative, imaginative techniques using lessons which focus on critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

The Teaching Channel offers activities for students that launches them into problematic situations; this encourages them to think, question, and reason on their quests of discovery. Topics such as environmental changes, math concepts, reading groups and writing workshops help motivate students to use their innate capabilities; they become intelligent and insightful as they perceive, comprehend and appreciate their enlightenment.

The Family Center on Technology and Disability at acknowledges that the Teaching Channel is well-deserving of the high praises it has received. It was dutifully impressed with its lesson plan ideas, mentoring approach, and encouragement or new teachers through practical videos which model effective lessons and appropriate resources.

The Teaching Channel’s mission is to develop excellent educators who use media supplements for mastering Common Core Domains. The Teaching Channel hopes to prepare children for the future and to nurture critical thinking abilities through the use of outstanding resources. Sign-up is always free on the Teaching Channel.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning Teaching Channel!
    You can find all of our videos and resources at

    We've added two new tools on our website - a lesson planner tool to help teachers with lesson planning, and a video notes tool for teachers to share time-stamped notes with their fellow educators. Also, all of the videos on are now downloadable and embeddable.

    Thanks again!

  2. With the right teaching resources to present your lesson with, boring lessons are going to be interesting and exciting for both teacher and students. This supports a variety of learning styles, making it easier for students who are learning to learn effectively in different ways. Thanks a lot.

    Free Teacher Resources


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