Monday, May 2, 2011

Lets Get Them Reading

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Our 2-year-old was having a hard time going to sleep the other night. But, instead of the usual toddler antics, he chose to rest quietly in bed "reading" Curious George until he fell asleep. This reminded me of Jim Trelease's "Three Bs" of Reading from The Read Aloud Handbook and how they can influence a child of any age to become a better reader.
* Book Ownership
There's just something special about owning a copy of a book. Everyone prefers to own favorite books; teens are no exception. And, if ownership is not possible, the next best thing is to have the book available in the classroom or in a frequently visited library.
* Book Rack
Bookshelves (and the presence of many interesting books, of course) encourage students to read. The more variety available, the more likely a student is to find something she likes. "Book racks" also serve 2 greater purposes:
1) Modeling. Students need to see teachers reading, or at least know that they are "readers." This helps them see reading as an enjoyable, worthwhile hobby.
2) Additionally, the more a teacher reads, the more reading material he will have to share. It's hard NOT to pick up a book in a classroom where they're falling off of full bookshelves!

* Bed Lamp
As my 2-year-old has discovered, reading in bed or another relaxing spot is a joy. So the purchase of an inexpensive lamp and the creation of a comfortable reading area in your classroom could illuminate more than just the words on the page. It could help your student become a better reader, a better student and, ultimately, more successful in life.

Tammy Lee

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