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TpT Thursday Round Up #2

Sale, Sale, Sale! Everything listed on the Thursday Round Up is on sale! But only for 3 days, so if you see something you like, you might want to get it quick. There are resources for every grade level, across the curriculum, so you are sure to find something you can use. If you like the style of a particular product, but it isn't quite what you are after, check out the seller's store. He or she might have just what you need!

Valentine's Day - Candy Hearts Writing for grades 4-8
A fun writing activity based around the words found on Candy Hearts around Valentine's Day.  Students incorporate the words into either a poem or a short story.  If you can use real candy hearts, I've made 40 "candy hearts" for you to print out.  Includes lesson plan, assignment sheets and "hearts."
by Addie Williams

Valentine's Day Critical Thinking Activities for grades 3-6
Here are 12 ready-to-use, challenging and fun Valentine's Day Activities (with answer keys) that will get your students to use their head in this time of the heart. The focus is on Critical Thinking Skills, but there is also some Math and Language Arts as well. Great for bell work, homework, or enrichment.
by Rachel Lynette

Valentines Day Wheel of Fortune Smartboard Lesson for grades 2-6
This smartboard lesson is a (Valentine's Day Wheel of fortune type) lesson that I made up for the smartboard. This activity would be a great activity for anytime, but works especially well around Valentine's Day. Your students will enjoy earning points as they try to figure out each puzzle.
by Smartboard Smarty

Valentine's Day Multiplication / Division Diagram Problem Solving for grades 3-5
Add some love to your math lesson when you practice multiplication and division diagram problem solving.  This 4 page packet for $1.50 will reinforce this math skill in a simple, Valentine's Day themed way.
by Beverlyteacher

100th Day of School Activities and Learning Games Set for grades K-3
It's time to celebrate those first 100 days of learning with an assortment of six activities/games that your students will love. You can plan a fun-filled day of learning around these activities that your students will never forget. To make it easier on you I have also included a complete and thorough set of directions to help you implement the activities in this set.
by John Blake

Learning Logs Parent Student Connection Year Long Activities for grades 3-6
This is an amazing tool for your students to take home and practice the basic concepts that they learned in school! Each month a new learning log will be sent home and the students will be able to practice skills learned in school in subjects such as: reading, writing, math, and social studies. This is geared for 5th grade,but can easily be changed to fit grades 3-6.
by Wise Guys

Lord of the Flies Literature Guide for grades 9-11
This Literature Guide for Lord of the Flies contains 88 pages of student coursework, quizzes, tests, and teacher resources aligned with 9th- 11th grade English / Language Arts content standards. Includes study guide questions, quizzes, tests, pre-reading, post-reading and extension ideas, essay prompts, and more with complete answer key.
by Secondary Solutions

Bug Ya: A Math Computation & Fact Game for grades 3-8
Bug Ya provides motivation for the learner to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. Three games are included in this short resource packet.  All the games have been developed to extend the recall of facts through playful and intelligent practice. 
by scipi

Valentine's Day Vowel Sorting Center for grades PreK-1
This Valentine's Day reading activity focuses on medial vowel sounds in CVC words. Students have 15 valentine cards to sort and 2 activity sheets where they can cut and glue the pictures under the appropriate mailbox.
by Teacher Tam

I have, Who Has Science Flashcard Bundle 9 Topics for grades 3-6
This Science packet "I have, Who has" flash cards are a fun activity to get the kids to learn vocabulary. This is a combo packet and has nine sets of flash cards! It covers Electricity and Magnetism, Matter and its properties, Weather, Food web and food chain, Habitat and Ecosystems, Renewable and Nonrenewable resources, Animal Classifications, Rocks and Minerals, and Weather.
by power point maniac

Introduction to Literature Circles for grades 5-12
This presentation explains how to use the strategy of Literature Circles. It prepares students for the many roles and responsibilities they will have throughout the unit.  I also have several other Literature Circle resources to use with any book in my store - check it out!
by Melissa Soeltz

Music Puzzle Pack 1 for grades 5-10
12 fantastic puzzles for your music students in One Puzzle Pack. Puzzle topics include composers, elements of music, music styles, common music terms and many more. An answer key is provided for each puzzle
by Aussie Music Teacher

Test Prep Tournaments For Any Grade and Any Subject for grades 1-12
Students will have fun reviewing for your state’s standardized tests, district tests, and classroom tests with these 11 test prep tournaments. The 70 pages include football, baseball, and tic-tac-toe game boards & specific directions for 11 tournaments.
by Victoria Leon

Graphic Organizers for Reading Response and Everyday Learning for grades 2-8
This is a 78 page book filled with various types of graphic organizers for reading response and more!  You can find KWL charts, questioning pages, concept webs, chain of events, character maps and much more!
by  MeMimi

Scientific Notation Powerpoint, Notes, and Worksheet Bundle for grades 6-10
Scientific or exponential notation is a MUST HAVE skill for science and math students.  This product has it all:  A powerpoint presentation, teacher notes, student notes, and a worksheet to use for follow up practice.  Students will learn to write numbers in scientific notation and in standard form, as well as learn to  add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers that are in scientific notation.
by Science Stuff

Literature Activities Bundle for grades 7-12
Includes many creative activities you can use with any novel, short story, play, etc., such as Facebook Character Sketch, Character Tags, Creative Book Report Ideas, Playlist Activity, and so much more!
by Tracee Orman

Facebook Myspace Profile Description Project for grades 7-10
Students will create their own 'Facebook' profile page that describes themselves in Spanish. This 'perfil' will include students writing about themselves, giving: name, origin, birthdate, favorite activities, hobbies, movies, tv shows, comments from 'friends' and more. Includes list for common vocabulary used by Facebook.
by Justin-B

Decimal Number SenseWarm-up Activities for grades 4-6
Here are 7 one-page sets of decimal warm-ups designed to build students' number sense related to decimal fractions with 10ths and 100ths, that are powerful without being time-consuming. Skills include mental addition and subtraction, comparing to 1/2, comparing/ordering decimals, skip counting by 10ths and 100ths, finding "in-between numbers, & more. Normally 2.00, but 1.50 through Saturday.
by Patrick Shaffer

Balanced Literacy Graphic Organizers for Novels for grades 7-9
These graphic organizers are for middle years balanced literacy novel studies. There are 45 activities within the balanced literacy categories of vocabulary, summarizing, connecting, questioning, inferring and synthesizing.  These graphic organizers can also be used in book clubs and independent reading.
by Terry-Lynn McLeod

Using Dice to Teach Addition for grades K-1
I use this every year in my classroom to assess if students can do the following skills: identify numbers, write numbers correctly, count dots, and add numbers correctly. Your students will have fun rolling dice, making dots, adding the numbers, and then writing numbers, and you can use the activity as an assessment tool!
by Mrs Bucket

Reader Response Journal:  Questions, Prompts, and Assessment for grades 4-10
This file contains over 100 reader response prompts organized into sections for different comprehension strategies and text elements so you can match the response questions to your minilessons. These questions could also be used as comprehension questions for any novel. The document also contains a set of success criteria that could be made into an anchor chart, or reproduced for students to glue into their response journals, and a reader response rubric is also included.
by Runde's Room

 Plagiarism and Integrity Internet Activity Project for grades 6-9
Great Activity to learn about Plagiarism!
by Tech girl

Did you find a great product? Feel free to comment and tell us about it. Be sure and come back next week for a whole new set of specially priced products!

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