Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Round Up #1!

Welcome to the very first TpT Thursday Round Up! The Thursday Round Up is a collection of TpT products, all from different sellers and all on sale for three days; from now until Saturday evening. There is something for everyone so go ahead and click a few links. You may find exactly what you need!

Literature Guide for A Sick Day for Amos McGee for grades 2-4.
This 16 page literature guide accompanies the 2011 Caldecott Medal Winner -A Sick Day for Amos McGee by Philip C. Stead. Included in this guide: comprehension questions, vocabulary activity, reading response, animal research, story guide, and verb tense worksheet.
by Lisa Frase

Ready to Use Dictionary Worksheets for grades 3-6
Here are 20 worksheets to help your students learn how to use the dictionary effectively. Some of them focus on specific skills and can stand alone, while others require the use of a dictionary. Worksheets that are used with a dictionary can be used with any English language dictionary. Answer keys included when appropriate.
by Rachel Lynette

Family and Me Bundle for grades 2-5
This is a family tree questionnaire with a lesson plan attachment.  The questionnaire starts with the student, then parent, then aunt/uncle, grandparents, and ends with great-grandparents.  It's a fun lesson to learn about family history, countries, traditions, and history in general.
by Rosshalde Pak

This 30 slide Groundhog Day Powerpoint has everything you need to learn about and celebrate Ground hog day!! It includes information about the groundhog, the holiday and many traditions, information about Punxsutawny Phil and the small town in Pennsylvania, and has an interactive quiz at the end. I've also included as an added bonus some fun links, a short video on groundhogs, and two coloring sheets!
by Power Point Maniac

Groundhog Glyph with Questions for grades PreK-4
This glyph has the children coloring or putting different items on a groundhog using eight different categories.  A printable outline of a groundhog is provided. This handout also contains a page where the students are asked to identify the characteristics of someone who did their own groundhog glyph. Kindergarten and Preschool teachers can easily adapt this activity since pictures are included in the student instructions.
by scipi

This is a collection of nine middle years writing activities with a Valentine's Day theme. The activities follow the six traits of writing - Word Choice, Ideas, Voice, Sentence Fluency, Organization and Conventions.
Who doesn't love pizza? In this fun activity, students use a pizza wheel to find out beginning sounds based on looking at pictures on the pizza wheel. Once they find the correct sound, they pick the clothespin (teacher provided) with the correct letter.
Teach the “Word Problem of the Day” to reinforce problem solving and review addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  There are more than 200 word problems and the answers. 
by Victoria Leon

#1-4 Magic Tree House Novel Study Set for grades 2-4
25% off Novel studies for the first 4 Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborne. Each Novel study includes chapter questions with answer key and extra novel worksheets. The novel studies can be used as a whole class study or for smaller guided reading groups.

Introduce, practice, and review Cause and Effect with this colorful and interactive Smartboard lesson. Just pull the tab on the slides to show the instructions. There are 3 different cause and effect activities to engage your students with. This is a good companion to my Cause and Effect PowerPoint.
Students will look at cartoon pictures of some crazy looking animals to learn how to use a dichotomous classification key.  This is the type of classification key that is used in most field guides.  After practicing with these "crazy" animals, your students will be ready to step up and try a classification key that is more scientific.
 This is an 9-page activities pack for teaching rules of divisibility. Covers rules for dividing by 2,3,4,5,6,9, and 10. Includes 4 mazes, 2 discussion starters, 2 division practice pages, and a "Divisibility Stew" practice page. Use as part of a lesson, review worksheets, homework, or math centers.
Check out this great collection of seven checkerboards that contain the 219 Dolch words (minus "I") from the Preprimer to Third Grade lists. Your students will have a blast playing checkers and they won't even realize that they are building their sight-word vocabulary at the same time. The boards progress from easiest to most difficult and are numbered for easy tracking.
by John Blake

This is Wise Guys best-selling activity. 38 pages of guided reading worksheets and activities to use immediately in your classroom!
A fantastic collection of 10 math games (including one Halloween-themed math game) that will have your students out of their seats, laughing, working together, and practicing their math skills. This collection includes a power point game, a game that can be used as a math project, and numerous games that can be used as learning centers as well as whole-class games.
Lesson Plans to teach Reflexive Verbs (los verbos reflexivos) in Spanish. This 22 page packet contains a Guided Notes packet (12 pages) which explains reflexives in detail and gives many examples. Also included are worksheets, pronunciation assessment, quiz, and a student project.
This 3 page packet focuses on area and perimeter math skills.  Reinforcement practice working with formulas for rectangles, parallelograms, and triangles.  Practice finding perimeter and area of polygons.
This quick vocabulary review game is a favorite among my students. It matches National Science Content Standard 4 - Life Sciences. Students take turns reading their card while others listen to see if they have the vocabulary word that matches the description.
by techedoutteacher

This CD includes all the Grade 1 Units 1-10 reviews for Everyday Math , Everyday Math lessons for 6.1-9.5, the Gr. 1 Everyday Math year end review, and CGI files in Word and PDF formats.  Special lessons include:  Number Grid World, Data Day, What is a Unit?  Calendar Math, Holiday Slides to greet your class, Birthday and Star of the Week slides, and more.
I provide Writing Vocabulary and teach the Detailed Paragraph Structure based on the model by Jane Schaffer. Along with essay assignments and mini-lessons, which also serve as handouts, I provide several PowerPoint presentations, an essay rubric, a checklist of what to turn in with the final draft, and a reflection sheet. All in all, there are 21 documents that are ready to use, or can be easily adapted for your classroom.
by Melissa Soeltz

Integrate science and balanced literacy with this animal habitat mini-unit! This product features a full-color shared reading story along with several engaging follow-up activities. Templates are also provided for each student to make his/her own "Habitat Book."
This 26 page resource contains various activities for you to use while teaching the reading comprehension strategy of Summarizing. This resource includes: 3 different mini-posters, bookmarks, a full page of activity ideas, a full page of reading response prompts, 15 different graphic organizers for fiction and nonfiction texts, and two rubrics.
Did you find a great product? Feel free to comment and tell us about it. Be sure and come back next week for a whole new set of specially priced products!

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